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The primaries revive the struggle for control of we can in Madrid

The primaries revive the struggle for control of we can in Madrid.

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The primaries revive the struggle for control of we can in Madrid

The differences between those related to Íñigo Errejón, future candidate of community, and Secretary general of Madrid, Ramón Espinar, were increased yesterday despite attempts by National Directorate to appease Spirits. The control of autonomic lists revived internal anger to such an extent that "it has gone from mor", according to Espinar, supporter of an initial phase of primaries for headline and anor for or components of list. Errejón claims that y are simultaneous to ensure greater control.

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The call to order that Secretary general of Can, Pablo Iglesias, did on Thursday so that internal frictions did not go to more in Madrid, one of territories to which most transcendence — it is cradle of its principal leaders — y give in party , it did not prevent increase of verbal escalation between different currents by format of primaries. "Not a half-nonsense with internal issues," sentenced Iglesias, who urged that "no one should make a fool of partridge."

"I think like him. I have received touch of churches. We cannot put internal (Cuesión) ahead when Cifuentes is about to fall, "said Espinar. "With a godfar like that, I almost virgencita to stay as I am," said Lorena Ruiz-Huerta, spokesperson for we can in Assembly and candidate of anticapitalists, alternative to Errejón, who according to some ories would have led churches with his warning.

The Secretary general of Madrid was unable to detension internal anger right in midst of crisis of PP of Madrid for future of regional president, Cristina Cifuentes. "What it touches now is to dismiss Cifuentes and corrupt government of PP. The rest of us move away from that goal," intervened anti-capitalist Miguel Urbán, spokesperson for European Parliament and member of National Directorate. "Everything that distracts from taking PP out of government is a childish," noted Juan Carlos purse, founder of Can, in a message addressed to Errejón.

Although Espinar expressed his "support" to Errejón — Iglesias has repeatedly declared his support — in front of Ruiz-Huerta, he reproached favorite to win primaries ir demand for m to be "simultaneous." He even accused Errejón of "breaking line of agreement in which y were working" and "opening a line that should not be followed." Errejón said that his intention was to "lead a comprehensive project" that would take over "of all terms", that is, that would have capacity to influence preparation of lists, in which all families should be represented.

The autonomous Citizen Council of Can, maximum regional organ of party and dominated by Espinar, approved on Wednesday that primaries are held predictably in May with vote in favour of Errejonistas and abstention of anticapitalists. Errejón was invited, but he didn't come. If process were two phases, it was decided that both should be "produced as soon as possible."

Contrary to what y intended, time that tables of Madrid can be granted to reach an agreement on system of primaries has revived latent conflict between supporters of Errejón and direction of Espinar. The best example was disagreement in social networks between Espinar and Jorge Moruno, responsible for area of discourse in can until victory of churches in Vistalegre II in February 2017. "Why do we suddenly change primary model and differentiate list and candidate votes in time?", said Moruno.


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