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The prosecution complaint against the leaders of the mayors of independence

The public ministry asked the judge to prohibit the selectmen to place signs of support for the referendum and to remove that there is

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The prosecution complaint against the leaders of the mayors of independence

The public prosecutor's office asked judge to prohibit selectmen to place signs of support for referendum and to remove that re are

The Prosecutor's office has completed two new actions to purpose of referendum illegal in next 1 October. The public Prosecutor Superior of Catalonia has already filed a lawsuit against heads of bodies in municipal government to promote referendum: Neus Lloveras, president of Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI), and Miquel Buch, president of Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM). The prosecutor's office of Barcelona, for its part, has sued against five members of sindicatura electoral de Catalunya by engaging in acts that promote celebration of query, declared outside law by Constitutional Court (TC).

The first case attributed to Lloveras and Buch crimes of disobedience, trespass and misappropriation. Both sent letters to all mayors of Catalonia in which you were asked to produce a decree of mayor of support for referendum. In addition to asking for his declaration as accused, Prosecution requested four injunctive relief, which Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) will have to decide if you agree. The most striking request judge to order all mayors in removal of posters that appear on street who invite you to vote in referendum. The Prosecution calls for a ban on selectmen to "print, post or disseminate by any means posters promoting participation for yes". And y are required to, in addition, "to withdraw, in your case, posters that have already been posted."

The complaint also calls for closure of websites of two entities ( and and imposition of a bond to Lloveras and Buch for alleged crime of embezzlement of public funds. Finally, in line of what is already requested in complaint against Catalan Government in full for convening of referendum, prosecutor's office asks police to act to requisition any electoral material.

The lawsuit is directed against responsible authorities, supra-municipal promoting referendum of 1st of October. In addition to mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) and member of parliament in Parliament by Junts pel Yes, Neus Lloveras, president of AMI. In this condition, drafted and sent to mayors attached to that entity a model of mayor decree, in which y showed ir support of referendum. The mayors who signed that decree (more than 700) will be called to testify by prosecution and investigated. To Lloveras is attributed same crimes that or political office referrals for referendum: disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement. The complaint also addresses, for same crimes, against president of ACM, Miquel Buch.

Lloveras and Buch "are perfectly knowledgeable" of pronouncements of Constitutional and criminal consequences of violating law, according to prosecutor's office. At 23.31 hours on 6 September, "just a few minutes after" having passed Referendum Law and decree of convocation of 1 -, Or from email account of AMI sent a communication to all mayors in Catalonia "signed by both respondent (s)". In that letter, calls on mayors to respond with "utmost haste" with a text that says: "We are informed and we can confirm availability". In communication, Lloveras and Buch also refer to a "proposal for a model mayor decree to demonstrate your political support for referendum".

The receivership of 1-Or

The second complaint is directed against five members of trustee election, which electoral board 1-O. Among its functions it has to validate electoral census, models of official ballots and procedure of early voting. The Constitutional Court was notified personally to its members (five regular members and two alternates) suspension of referendum and its duty to prevent any action that drive m. The court has given, in addition, 48 hours to trustee to dissolve.

The members of trustee election are Jordi Matas, doctor of Political Science; Marc Marsal, member of Advisory Legal Committee of Generalitat; Josep Pagès, with a degree in Political Science and attorney of Urbanism in town Hall of Barcelona; Tània Verge, professor of Political Science at Pompeu Fabra University; and Marta Alsina, a lawyer specializing in civil liability. Judicial sources indicate that it could also be directed against two placeholders.


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