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The prosecution denounces nine professors for humiliating students of Civil Guards

The prosecution says the Civil guard is "target of the wrath of a part of the Catalan society

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The prosecution denounces nine professors for humiliating students of Civil Guards

The prosecutor's office has completed investigation into events that took place at Instituto El Palau de Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) on October 2, a day after illegal referendum. The public prosecutor's office has denounced nine teachers to judge for humiliating children of Civil Guards who are students of that center. The complaint accuses m of an offence against fundamental rights (to injure dignity of persons by ir nationality) and also points to five of m for "serious insults" against bodies and forces of security.

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Prosecutor Miguel Ángel Aguilar's complaint burdened harshly against professors of Public Institute, who directed "in derogatory and humiliating terms" to pupils children of Civil Guards-re is a command in locality-and y conjoined Students to speak out against police performance of 1 October, when officers tried to prevent by force holding of consultation.

The professors, says prosecutor, were "aware" of climate of rejection towards security forces and of "great polarization" of Catalan society as a consequence of procés. The Prosecutor recalls that Civil guard has been "target of wrath of a part of Catalan society" and that its agents have suffered "situations of harassment and reprisals by different people". In this context, he emphasizes, events of IES El Palau occurred.

The text emphasizes that teachers violated educational laws, which impede among or things "any kind of proselytizing or indoctrination" to students. The teachers criticized performance of agents on 1-O and came to reprimand students for intervention of ir parents.

"They are animals and beasts"

In 4th Mamatics class of ESO, Professor Jordi accused guards of being "animals and beasts that only know how to give sticks." In same classroom, Catalan teacher, Ruth, insisted on that idea, which finally provoked cries of a pupil daughter of Guardia Civil.

At noon, report underlines, teachers "demanded that students should go down to yard to do an act of protest and condemn violent facts." A teacher in particular, Englishman, Gemma, confronted m to go down to patio "to defend Republic" and compared guards with "rabid dogs". She asked herself in class which of her pupils were children of civil guards. Lucia, first of all, went furr and addressed a child under 12 who had just come into class: "Will you be happy with what your far did yesterday?" The boy started to cry.

In first high school, a student (also daughter of an agent) planted Cara Helena, a teacher who refused to teach that day because she was "indignant with Civil guard" whose agents had been "savages." The pupil replied that she went to institute "to study, not to talk about politics." The teacher's reply was also blunt: "Well, that's what re is, if you don't like it re you have door."


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