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The prosecutor's Office calls for the imprisoned ' Excouncilers ' to remain in prison

Judge Llarena will not communicate until Monday if he leaves Junqueras and the rest of the imprisoned

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The prosecutor's Office calls for the imprisoned ' Excouncilers ' to remain in prison

The Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office considers that ten independence leaders imprisoned for rebellion must remain in prison. Following appearances held this Friday, prosecutors Jaime Moreno and Consuelo Madrigal have requested that "in face of seriousness of facts investigated" precautionary measures for ten present are maintained. The prosecution has delivered a report in which it has provisionally detailed responsibilities of each one. "In any case, prosecutor's Office considers that risks of escape and criminal recurrence persist at moment," a spokesman for Public Ministry reported.

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Prosecutors have made this decision after hearing ten independence leaders imprisoned for rebellion, sedition and embezzlement to abide by Judge Paul Llarena in application of article 155 of Constitution and, with nuances, committing himself to abandon Unilateral way to reach Catalonia's independence. According to sources present in Declaration, Vice-President of Generalitat, Oriol Junqueras, or seven exadvisors to whom national audience sent to prison and leaders of independentist associations ANC and Òminum, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart , y have defended in Supreme Court that re is no argument to keep m in prison.

Jordi Pina, lawyer of PDeCAT's exadvisors, has stated that all present have abided "in ir own way" constitutional order and have compromtetido that "in future" y undertake to make policy by constitutional channels. According to this lawyer, ERC's Exconsellrs have been shown in a similar line.

His arguments, however, have not convinced prosecution. However, this does not indicate that Llarena is going to follow criterion of Public Ministry. Prosecutors also called for a conditional prison on 9 November for all members of Parlament's Bureau and magistrate did not decree it. Llarena's decision on Exconsellrs will not be known until Monday.

After declarations are over, imprisoned have returned to prison. At beginning of appearances, Llarena already warned lawyers that he will not solve if he leaves m free until next Monday. If he agrees to release m and imposes a bond that lawyers of imprisoned can muster easily, ex-advisors could leave prison that same day. Representatives of PDeCAt and ERCy of ANC and Òmnium have waited from early morning in vicinity of supreme yet prepared in hope that magistrate would decree a bail. Even without knowing amount that could be imposed on m, environment of incarcerated has been garing in last days money with reference of amounts requested to members of Bureau to whom Llarena left on parole (150,000 to president of Parlament, Carme Forcadell, and 25,000 to rest).

The imprisoned have repeated before judge arguments y already held in writings presented this week in supreme and with those who aspire to Llarena act as he did with Carme Forcadell and rest of members of Bureau who he released on bail. The exadvisors and leaders of ANC and Òmnium have ensured that y accept that government has applied article 155, although y disagree "politically and legally" of this measure. Those who concur in elections in outposts (all but Borràs and Cuixart) have assured, albeit with nuances, that y do not renounce ir objective that Catalonia is an independent state, but y have committed mselves to do so without resorting to or encouraging violence and From "dialogue". Some like Forn have been more explicit in renouncing without ambages to unilateral independence, according to sources consulted.

Although intent of all was to convince Llarena to leave m free, not everyone has agreed on ir defense strategies. According to sources of High Court, Vice-President Junqueras and Romeva, both of ERC, have refused to answer questions of prosecutors (Jaime Moreno and Consuelo Madrigal). Among or issues, Public Prosecutor's Office has raised m if y were to abide by Constitution, even if it were "by legal imperative." The two have refused to respond, according to sources of prosecution. Forn and Borràs, only one of exadvisors who does not show up for elections, have responded to all questions of prosecution and rest of parties. Bassa, to many of questions raised by prosecutors, and Mundó, to some. Rull has answered everyone but Vox, who is personed as a popular accusation. When y declared at national hearing on 2 November, everyone refused to answer prosecutors and merely responded to ir lawyers.

The ten have been moved in morning from prisons in which y are admitted ( six male exadvisors from country; women, from Alcalá de Henares; and Sànchez and Cuixart, from Soto del Real) to dungeons of national audience. From re, y have been brought to supreme in order established by Llarena for statements: Junqueras, Raül Romeva (foreign Minister), Carles Mundó (Justice), Dolors Bassa (work), Joaquim Forn (Interior), Meritxell Borràs (governorate), Josep Rull (territory), Jordi Turul (Presidency), Cuixart and Sànchez. Borràs and Cuixart are only ones not present to 21-D elections. The appearances have been very brief and most have remained before judge between 10 and 20 minutes.


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