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The PSC, ERC and the Colauvotan party together in Parlament

Domènech claims that the new executive is made up of independent people

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The PSC, ERC and the Colauvotan party together in Parlament

Something begins to move in Parlament outside two traditional blocs, albeit in an incipient way and with unpredictable outcome. Esquerra Republican, Commons and PSC were winked yesterday and voted in favor of "large majorities" in house to recover institutions. Catalunya in Cómú-Podem also supported anor motion for a resolution of Socialists that advocates "breaking dynamics of confrontation and current blockade".

The agreement between se three groups in favor of overcoming dynamics of blocks that characterizes Catalan politics was visualized in a plenary in which each group presented its proposals of resolution. They are simple pronouncements that do not generate any compromise, but at present time y are a symptom of position of each one of m.

ERC advocates from electoral campaign for "expanding social base" of sovereignty and overcoming autonomism and yesterday voted a point in proposal of Commons in favor of "working to find tools and instruments needed to recover Institutions, trying to build vast majority within this Chamber. " That point was approved with 56 votes in favor (ERC, commons and PSC), 39 against (citizens and PP) and 37 abstentions (Junts per Catalunya and CUP).

In anor of votes, Commons led by Xavier Domènech and mayor of Barelona, Ada Colau, supported a point of PSC proposal that calls for "establishing a framework of dialogue between Catalan Políuticas and social forces in order to break dynamics of current blockade, which establishes guidelines of a process of national reconciliation after events as traumatic as those experienced in recent months. "

The Commons, toger with PP, also supported point of socialist resolution calling for "establishing collective political projects that can be widely shared by Catalan society, through a constant effort of dialogue, negotiation and pact." Later it is said that House rejects "any unilateral or illegal proposal".

It is moment of worthy proposts that desencallin situation from widening and transversal consensus. Gracies @XavierDomenechs per pose proposts on Taula. The Q Tothom IUD in Privat, it is time to Dir-ho in públic: és prioritari to recover Generalitat! Https://

— Ada Colau (@AdaColau) March 28, 2018

The socialist proposal did not prosper, but it did evidence an unprecedented approach until now that goes in line of broad and progressive government defending Commons or executive of concentration that claims Miquel Iceta, leader of PSC.

Domènech Concreted yesterday his proposal, unveiled by country, and claimed that "Broad and transversal government" proposed, should be composed of "independent personalities", representing " whole of Catalan society and sensitivities Democratic ". It should also have a limited mandate and commitment of its members not to appear in or elections.

Colau Support

"A government of our hopes, desires and convictions and of all our dignities that, taking best of catalanism and progress, allows us to remake ourselves once and look forward with hope to overcome past," Domènech insisted. Colau hastened to applaud proposal, which he described as courageous. "What everyone says in private is time to say it also in public, it is priority to recover Generalitat," he wrote in his Twitter account.

From ERC ranks y recognize that " music" of a government with support of Commons likes, but y remark difficulty of operation. "The country is not ready for that," says a high Republican office. In Esquerra y believe that common ones seek to promote a third way that, however, part with a fundamental problem: sanitary cordon that y put to Junts per Catalunya in electoral campaign. Republicans doubt that re is a name on president's list that seduces coalition of we can and that's where y ask to explore an ERC candidate. "But Junts per Catalunya will not give up having a president", se voices coincide.

Anor sector of Republicans believes that Commons have "started house on roof" and doubt that availability shown by Domènech share of parties that conform that group. They also believe that if Carles Puigdemont's delegation of vote is allowed pressure on deputy Toni ate, even in Brussels, to leave his seat would be "brutal" and that would allow Junts per Catalunya and ERC to have 66 deputies. A majority that would allow m to walk in solitary, without need or supports of CUP or common ones.


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