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The PSOE calls on the government to open a dialogue to desencallar the Catalan crisis

The party deplores the lack of political initiative to seek a solution to the conflict

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The PSOE calls on the government to open a dialogue to desencallar the Catalan crisis

The Socialist leadership and main referents of party attend with discomfort to "inability" of government to address a solution to problem in Catalonia beyond judicial answer. Not even this is free of problems and last episode of executive's erratic strategy, in opinion of PSOE, has resulted in Germany's refusal to extradite Carles Puigdemont for rebellion. "The Government of Spain said that y had planned to stop him re because crime of rebellion was typified, so it is hard to believe in government's political strategy," Pedro Sánchez complained.

The Socialist leadership maintains support to executive in response of state to separatism in Catalonia but as time progresses increases discomfort in main opposition party for passivity of government of Mariano Rajoy, and concern Because judicial response — although not questioned — makes it difficult to find a solution.

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  • The Moncloa fears that Puigdemont force a new election
  • Government activates campaign in Europe against support for Puigdemont
  • Sanchez asks judges to balance security and freedoms in Catalonia

The Secretary of organization, José Luis Ábalos, has admitted that existence of independent politicians prisoners "does not help" to normalization in Catalonia. Former President Felipe González has been more categorical in stating that if he were none he would be in prison until re is no sentence. And Sanchez, who always remarked that party does not value judicial decisions because it respects m, has asked judges this week to be aware that " balance between respect for freedoms and security in Catalonia cannot be broken". The socialist leader referred to indictment of terrorism and rebellion for Cor detainees, who in PSOE received with concern, although judge n reduced it to public disorder.

The PSOE believes that executive cannot be behind law and has to recover political initiative. This is to open a dialogue that desencalle Catalan crisis, ask for direction and two former socialist presidents. "We need urgent dialogue, it can be discreet or public, but Catalan political parties among m, political parties of whole of Spain have to dialogue, dialogue and dialogue," said Zapatero. "I would be talking to ERC all day," Gonzalez said in sixth, although he continued to add that whenever "respecting rules of game".

"Catalonia needs a new agreement that will allow it to continue to live. And to coexist we must speak, and that is not attitude of government, " Secretary of socialist Organization, José Luis Ábalos, reflected on Friday. "The government's attitude is for ors to do that task. I do not know if it is disability, because PP is irrelevant in Catalonia, or by Will. Is that neir wants nor can, "lamented Sanchez's number three. The PSOE's cupola calls on executive to open a dialogue. with whom, in absence of a Catalan executive? "Puigdemont has surroundings", exemplify sources of socialist direction on which interlocution should look for principal referent of Procés, former president fled in Germany.

The limit only to an independentist candidate

The diagnosis in PSOE is in any case pessimistic. The Socialists believe that Catalonia is heading for new elections and that no one is looking for "peace." Number three expressed it in harsh terms: "If re were elections in Catalonia now, y would be to tell us." The party, which continues to support Miquel Iceta as a candidate although in direction believe that in a new campaign would have to clear doubts of collusion with independence that weighed ir results in last election, is proposed to help recover Peace. "Our limit is not to support an independent candidate. From re, anything is possible, " Secretary of organization offered.


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