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The PSOE demands more money for all the communities to close a pact of financing with the Government

We hope it is not a deal of money with electoral objectives or to fix the problems in the PP surveys, said citizens

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The PSOE demands more money for all the communities to close a pact of financing with the Government

Mariano Rajoy bets to reach a pact on autonomic financing with PSOE to deactivate as soon as possible rise of Rivera in polls. The Socialists have reminded people's Party that y have a hand to look for an agreement but will not accept any proposal that does not include increased funding. "They know what PSOE proposal is: financial sufficiency and maintenance of welfare state," said Adriana Lastra on Monday.

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"Sometimes government calls us, but does not put any proposal on table," said PSOE number two to questions from press on content of a possible agreement with Government party. "The PP has no credibility or a model. He's also breaching law. We have hand outstretched. All socialists agree that a new funding model is needed and we agree on essentials. When we hear from government we'll convene federal Policy Council with regional Presidents, ' added Lastra.

"In face of paralysis of opposition, we have proposed an agreement," said Vice-Secretary of communication of PP, Pablo Casado, after steering committee of his party. "It will be soon," he assured just one month after Mariano Rajoy commissioned his territorial leaders to consensuaran an internal position. "The Autonomous communities of PP agree. In some it weighs more population criterion, because re has been an increase in population, and we also govern in ors where criterion of dispersion makes provision of services more expensive, "he added. And he has finished: "On part of PP is already very advanced that common document between different autonomy. Let us also hope for PSOE. "

"We are not concerned at all [that Rajoy seeks an agreement with Sánchez]. The finance law has been expired for years. If you finally decide to do even to stop citizens, welcome is, "said José Manuel Villegas. The number two of party of Albert Rivera has recognized however that it does not understand very well that motivation. "If at least that serves to get you out of paralysis, we welcome that agreement. Let us hope that it is to improve se policies and to improve lives of citizens. We hope it is not a deal of money with electoral targets or to fix problems in PP surveys, "he added.

Sources of Junta de Andalucía have shown ir skepticism in face of a hypotical government movement: "There is no new contact with community. In relation to will to reform autonomous financing, RAJOY has no credibility. You have to submit a proposal urgently, but that's how we've been since 2013. "

In Basque government y are also skeptical even if y do not affect m. They feel safe with recent agreement of quota and updating of concert. Official sources believe, however, that it is urgent to address funding needs of common-regime communities.

With information from Jordi Pérez Colomé, Juan José Mateo, J.J. Gálvez, Javier Martín-Arroyo, Pedro Gorospe.


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