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The PSOE denies attendance in urgent Rajoy to discuss Catalonia's demands we Can

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The PSOE denies attendance in urgent Rajoy to discuss Catalonia's demands we Can

Rajoy agrees to open dialogue on constitutional reform after 1-Or

Trapero directs Mossos act to curb 1-Or

The PSOE has rejected this same morning, request to appear urgent Mariano Rajoy to explain his performance to institutional crisis opened with Catalonia. The Socialist Party considers "convenient" appearance of president of Government in Congress, but always after referendum of 1st of October, not before, as required we Can in an initiative that registered today.

As a report from leadership of Socialist Group, "any debate that helps to strengn institutions, that add up and divide," will have support of PSOE. However, sources of PSOE and PSC confirmed to this newspaper that initiative's initial United we Can is not going in that direction as a Full monograph in se moments would only serve to that each political force again re-affirmed in your own position and for that a few groups confront with each or, something that right now would be counterproductive, in opinion of socialists.

he has been moved today Pedro Sanchez by message to leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, after parliamentary group of purple to record request.

The petition filed by United we Can emphasizes that "becoming" of events in crisis of Catalonia "forces" to appearance of Rajoy were to happen urgently, and he remarks expressly that it should be "prior to October 1, 2017" and not after, as you prefer to PSOE.

And is that one of main objectives of discussion special issue raised by United we Can was subject to discussion and scrutiny of action that is carried out by Government to address challenge of independence. A performance that each day one is away, more we Can. The party of Pablo Iglesias is being very critical of Executive because, in his opinion, is prioritizing court on dialog and is blocking to be held "as soon as possible" a referendum is legal and fair. To point that yesterday accused PP of hiding behind judges and courts to "use" Constitutional Court as your "executor".

"When you are expressing major crisis is moment of policy and does not refer to judges or to security forces. It is doing little policy", has recriminat this morning Xavier Domènech in statements to media to explain ir initiative.

The leader of In Common to and Can, confluence of Catalan Can, had affected in that Full monograph should serve to put on table three questions about Catalonia: analysis of what is going on, proposals to resolve conflict, and main question, say "wher you agree or not with way of acting of Government".

Thug wields a printer in Congress in defense of referendum EFE

The petition of summons had been signed by 67 deputies of United we Can and four of Compromís, and had not been announced ahead of PSOE. The socialist group had learned, like everyone else, during control session Government, when Domenech made announcement during his question to Rajoy.

We had justified not having warned PSOE in urgency of times and in growing rumor that it could come to be applied to article 155 of Constitution, which would suspend autonomy of Catalonia.

Reproaches we Can to Government

Earlier, during control session Government, representative of training dwelling has reproached Government, in its face-to-face with vice-president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, long list of resources, disqualifications, requirements, and prohibitions that have been imposed through judicial channels to try to prevent celebration of a query secessionist 1-O. In your opinion, Executive is "destroying pacts of Transition". "Just pose you victory," he said, "but re are victories that can be pírricas. Will you to story as Government of corruption and as Government that threw gasoline on fire of Catalonia".

Santamaria has responded by putting in evidence contradictions, and offset of prides we Can in relationship with Catalan question. "Do not take Government as an alibi for its indecision with regard to Catalonia", he has expected. Before urgirle to clarify if his party is "of those that respect legality, or those that defend those who jump", if y are "democrats to full-time or only part time".

After Domenech, has been deputy ERCGabriel Ruffian who has faced number two in Government. The representative of Catalan republicans have threaded a confusing intervention which implied an attempt to defend ways, in your opinion, democratic that are being deployed in Parliament to activate process of independence.

Ruffian, as usual, has adorned his speech with blows of effect showing an old printer that, according to him, is "body of crime" that haunts Government to prevent vote 1-O.

"Stop making ridiculous and focus to pursue corrupt and thieves. I will confess to you, and I hope you do not stop, I have a ballot, but I assure you that it is for ir own consumption," he said by establishing a metaphor between ballot and papelinas of drug.

Santamaria, angry, has reminded deputy of CKD, cluster of irregularities that plagued plenary of Parliament of 6th of September and he has pointed out differences that exist between behavior of Camera is autonomous and of Spanish Parliament, where, he said, "can you come up with t-shirts with a message, say what you want, and even bring material to make crafts at home."

The intervention of Santamaria has been received with a prolonged applause on part of base of PP.


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