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The PSOE has offered Carmena to be his candidate in the municipal elections

Sources of the mayor of Madrid point out that the mayor has made no decision about her future in electoral terms

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The PSOE has offered Carmena to be his candidate in the municipal elections

A meeting at highest level between socialist leaders and Manuela Carmena, held in office of mayor at end of December, was a surprising proposal of PSOE: The offer to be his candidate for municipal elections of 2019, As country has known today of socialist sources. The mayor, who currently heads list of now Madrid, replied that idea liked, although negotiations did not continue by ir requests. He claimed that list included names of people close to it, among which he mentioned spokesman for Madrid, Rita Maestre (we Can), town councillor, José Manuel Calvo (we Can) and first deputy mayor, independent Marta Fig trees. "He said he was very sick of some," always according to same sources. The clashes between win, one of formations that are integrated in now Madrid, and councilor are constant. They openly criticize ir policy of housing, urbanism and security, among ors.

Manuela Carmena is at this time of official travel to Costa Rica, but an official spokesman for Mayor explains that still councilor "has not made any decision on its future in electoral terms". "It is overturned in municipal management, from Chamartín operation, Capricho Museum, construction of new schools and libraries...", says spokesman. Elections are thirteen months away, and it is still undecided wher or not to show up. Keep going around, "y stress in town hall. They do not clarify, refore, if offer of PSOE has been ruled out by councillor.

However, mayor has not hidden for weeks to certain circles close to her and we can, reports Elsa García de Blas, which PSOE had Tanteado as a possible candidate. "Yes, I was told," say municipal sources of government. "The truth is that I was surprised but he said it fairly firmly and I thought, ' it must be true."

Or sources of Socialist Party confirm that meeting between leaders of PSOE, including regional secretary, José Manuel Franco, and Carmena came "around 20 December" and that "mayor was favorable to proposal." Since PSOE never mentioned anything again, which would explain that she still thinks that re is such a possibility, for moment closed.

According to socialist sources, Carmena Abocaría's request to "prominent members" of socialist candidacy to descend on lists and, refore, despite improvement of results that Carmena-PSOE coalition would obtain, would not assure m a municipal armchair. "It could happen something similar to what happened with candidacy of PSOE to community in 1998. At that time, n Secretary General of Socialist Federation of Madrid, Jaime Lissavetzky, agreed with his counterpart in New Left (NI), Diego Lopez Garrido, a joint candidacy. She was led by Cristina Almeida (NI) who did not obtain desired results and which allowed Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón to revalidate presidency of community of Madrid.

The PSOE, refore, has returned to "initial plan". Currently Socialists shuffle two possibilities, a "superstrong" candidate to city of Madrid, who would tandem with Gabilondo in community and "allow us for first time in years to opt to win both places" or "a young promise willing to lose and To spend four years in opposition without any problem and to be formed for following elections.


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