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The PSOE is located again next to the government in front of the sovereigntists

In the government's hands he was taking advantage of his opportunities, "says Àbalos

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The PSOE is located again next to the government in front of the sovereigntists

After hearing declarations of Oriol Junqueras on proclamation of Republic, PSOE put in cajon idea of an election that stopped 155. Throughout day, different voices were pronounced, with some nuances, on possibility that an election call would curb application of article 155 of Constitution, a possibility that had caused first cracks in pact with Government of Mariano Rajoy to restore legality in Catalonia. But half-afternoon statements by Junqueras, vice-president of Generalitat, in which he made proclamation of independence of Catalonia, completely covered that debate. The PSOE's leadership showed last night its strong support for measures to intervene Generalitat with article 155:.

"It was seen coming," said José Luis Ábalos, PSOE's secretary of organization. "They want to go from victims." They have launched whole process, with a supposed law that would serve as an alibi, n have invoked a referendum without guarantees and now it turns out that impose independence because y have no or remedy, added Ábalos in reference to words of Vice-President Oriol Junqueras.

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For Ábalos, this last turn of independences ' nut is one more step in its obstinacy to remain illegal: "It is same that y have said in each of independence movements: to take role of victims and to insist that y have no or remedy" To continue with roadmap. That y are not ashamed to confess ir intentions, is already part of plan, he said.

The PSOE of Pedro Sánchez will not change position regarding application of constitutional forecast that allows intervention of Generalitat: "Support to 155 is maintained to extent that facts that motivate it remain," he added.

Ábalos regretted that se days were spoken about possible hyposes before a call for autonomous and legal elections in Catalonia: "There are those who have been debating a hyposis in a hasty way." "First that things are fulfilled and n we mount polemics." For Ábalos, focus of debate should be on those who had skipped law, ie in independence bloc. "In hands of Catalan government it was to seize its opportunities, but not to use a debate on hyposis as an excuse to say that y have no or remedy," he added.

The position of Oaks

Before Junqueras gave for granted that government is going to declare independence of Catalonia and Ábalos to settle any doubt about support of PSOE in implementation of 155, a cataract of socialist leaders had pronounced sobe The possibility that an electoral advancement would stop Generalitat's intervention. Thus, Margarita Robles, spokesman for PSOE in Congress of Deputies, said that call for elections under Constitutional framework would have been a "sign of compliance with current legality."

In a similar line was pronounced president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, who said that if Carles Puigdemont had been inclined by a regional elections would have recovered normality.

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, said that key "is that independences abide by constitutional order." The election thing is least relevant. Or does anyone think that if y had an absolute majority, y would be thinking about convening elections? They'd have three years ahead to get some air. "The problem is that independence is fractured and cannot go on ruling."

The president of PSOE, Cristina Narbonne, suggested possibility to stop supporting government in 155 if re was this advancement, while historical socialist leader Alfonso Guerra argued that government "has no obligation to apply 155" if re was An explicit resignation from independenceists to laws of rupture.


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