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The PSOE now conditions the dialogue with Puigdemont to remove the challenge to the law

The party does not share the mediation between the President of the Government and the Catalan President

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The PSOE now conditions the dialogue with Puigdemont to remove the challenge to the law

The PSOE has nuanced its request for dialogue between Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont and now subordinates it to president of Generalitat to withdraw his challenge to constitutional order. "It is not possible to appeal to dialogue and at same time to maintain challenge, that in this case more immediate is call of Parlament for Monday," said Thursday Secretary of Socialist organization, José Luis Ábalos. The PSOE asks Puigdemont to desconvoque plenary of Parliament planned for Monday in which CUP ensures that a unilateral declaration of independence will be adopted so that negotiation can be opened. "We are appealed that this session will not be done and path of legality is regained to establish a negotiating framework," Ábalos has defended in RNE.

"If we talk about constructive dialogue, it must be open and transparent." In that sense, conditions of someone who has been installed in illegality are not given. Since y passed this transience law, which was illegal throughout course, re have been moments that could allow this dialogue, but how consultation took place, to be taken to end, general strike ... There is a major change and it is that y have begun to take people out into streets, to affect citizens ' coexistence. A whole concatenation of facts of a gravity that we can not trivializing, "has reflected number three of PSOE.

The PSOE now conditions dialogue with Puigdemont to cease illegality, after secretary general, Pedro Sánchez, claimed last October 1 at night to President of Government to open a political negotiation with Govern to overcome Crisis. "We ask President of Government to fulfil his role and to open a process of political negotiation with Generalitat of Catalonia to overcome this crisis because that is his obligation," said Sánchez in a statement at headquarters of party in Madrid. The same request was reiterated by leader of PSOE last Monday after interviewing in Moncloa with president of Government, when he added that negotiation with Puigdemont should be "immediate".

The position expressed by Secretary General was questioned yesterday by former Vice-President of Socialist government Alfonso Guerra, who wondered if he could talk to "coup". "Who sit with Puigdemont." Would we have sat with Tejero? Never, "he has complained." "Dialogue with coups?" The Republic solved it better, "said Guerra in a zero-wave interview."

The PSOE hardens its position and also warns that if a unilateral declaration of independence is produced, dialogue will no longer be possible. "After a DUI [unilateral statement] There is nothing more to act on." It is true that consequences are juridically none, but it is placed out of its role even. Not only constitution is exceeded, but even self-government of Catalonia itself. It is important that those who really want to start a dialogue have to do so since acceptance of framework, he has reasoned Ábalos.

The party also rejects proposal of mediation that it has formulated we can, eir with church or some or actor or than Spanish political forces. "I do not think re is any need for mediation," says Secretary of Socialist Organization. "It makes no sense to introduce church or any or outside political framework."

The direction of Pedro Sánchez defends, at same time, his decision to reproach Vice-President of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, as political responsible for police charges on October 1, in front of internal voices that have questioned measure Because it weakens constitutional bloc in front of secessionists. "The decision is made by decision and we do not make an assembly", explained Ábalos, which asks that role of opposition that PSOE wants to make is respected.

"There are those who are determined that PSOE occupies a role of political subordination, which goes beyond relationship of loyalty that fits us." We must be required to defend constitutional sphere but avoid any temptation to subordinate ourselves to a specific policy that government decides according to its capacity, its ideology and its own political and electoral objectives, ' defends Secretary of organization. According to Ábalos, "at internal level pressure is much higher in sense of exercising more critical with PP, opposite."


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