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The PSOE Parks plurinationality in its proposal to seek consensus

The Socialists will not make this concept a "central axis" in the constitutional reform

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The PSOE Parks plurinationality in its proposal to seek consensus

The territorial Commission, main bet of PSOE to seek a way out of Catalan secessionist conflict, has started this week with appearances of three living Speakers of 1978 Constitution, who have shown suspicion when dealing with a reform of The fundamental law because of lack of consensus. It has not made a dent in cupola of PSOE a beginning of work of Commission unfavourable to its ses, since three parents — moreover, conservatives — did defend need for improvements. But precisely for sake of seeking this consensus Socialists will not place ir commitment to plurinationality of Spain in foreground. Since height of independence crisis, PSOE has parked this concept that defended Pedro Sanchez in primaries and did not mention in Catalan campaign.

The spokesperson of PSOE in Commission on Evaluation and modernization of autonomous state, Adriana Lastra, clarified in its presentation in debate scope of proposal that Socialists propose. The PSOE proposes "to examine demands of principle of equality of all Spaniards in exercise of rights and fulfillment of constitutional duties", to analyze recognition and effective consequences of so-called singularities, Ordination of competencies, role of Senate; The "interconnection and integration of territorial policies", constitutionalization of principles of autonomic financing model and expansion of local autonomy, he explained. It did not mention Congresswoman and Secretary General Socialist to recognition of plurinational character of Spanish state that approved PSOE of Pedro Sánchez in 39 Congress held in June 2017.

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The PSOE has not renounced defense of plurinationality, defend in socialist direction, and will raise it as work progresses or in following specific Commission on reform of Constitution which must be opened at end of work of this one. But it is recognized that nation of nations "is not going to be a central axis" of its proposal for constitutional reform, explains to country number two of executive of Pedro Sánchez and spokesperson in Commission. "We will defend her at time, now, is casus belli going to be? No, and nothing is going to be, because to reach a consensus we need to reach an agreement with rest of groups that now see this as pandemonium, absurdly, in addition, "he complains Lastra.

Although Secretary general of PSOE understands that plurinationality is already collected in Constitution of 1978, "when it speaks of nationalities and regions", in any case does not see this concept so relevant. "We are going to reform autonomous State, not a semantic issue," he says.

The nation of Nations has not finished curdling internally — federations such as Andalusia or Aragon are not comfortable with this concept — and context of rise of Catalan separatism and Spanish sentiment in rest of country also influences recent Little prominence that PSOE gives to this bet, which bypassed during Catalan campaign. "Plurinationality has not come out at all in campaign, how is it going to be a problem, if it has not been used?", said Secretary of organization, José Luis Ábalos, last December when journalists questioned him about wher that bet had weighed down PSC results.

Two red lines: national sovereignty and defense of welfare state

In six hours of debate of first session of Territorial Commission only Miquel Roca, Rapporteur of Constitution by cities, mentioned Plurinationality motu proprio. Said Roca that it made no sense to focus on words discussing problems that Spanish territorial model has. "If it is this, we have it solved," Roca reasoned after remembering that constituent Congress rejected an amendment by Manuel Fraga opposing nationalities that constitutional text contains.

The or two speakers, Miguel Herrero and Rodríguez de Mignon and José Pedro Pérez Llorca, questioned federal route promoted by PSOE, which did defend expressly in return socialist spokesman: "The Socialists what we want is a Spanish federal state, ours Own, which is nothing or than to modernize state of autonomy, "added Adriana Lastra.

The resolution adopted by PSOE in 39 Congress says: "We propose a federal constitutional reform, that maintains unity of state, perfecting plurinational character of same, and that sovereignty resides in whole of Spanish people, according to Articles 1 and 2 of Constitution ". The party has not developed this concept, which does not imply shared sovereignty, and caused certain problems to Pedro Sánchez when he explained last September that in his opinion "at least" Catalonia, Basque Country and Galicia would be Spanish nations. With constitutional reform PSOE does not go with red lines, points Lastra, except two: "The national sovereignty and defense of welfare state".


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