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The PSOE says that the government will keep intervened the accounts of the Generalitat

The party recalls that the decision on which prisons are the leaders of the Procés only now responds to the coroner

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The PSOE says that the government will keep intervened the accounts of the Generalitat

The government of Pedro Sánchez will maintain intervention of public accounts of Generalitat despite fact that application of article 155 has already declined, as has progressed this Monday Secretary of organization of PSOE, José Luis Ábalos. The party's number three has explained that current state of accounts will remain at moment but that this measure, like ors, "will have to go acompasándose to normalization" in Catalonia, has indicated in an interview in Antena 3. At same time, PSOE recalls that decision on which prisons are leaders of Procés only responds now to investigating judge, but does not close to take measures of "humanitarian" nature in future.

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The PSOE does not intend to immediately change roadmap on Catalonia and is in anticipation of first steps of new Government constituted this weekend. The Socialists underline that y have not negotiated or agreed counterparts with independence parties that have supported ir motion of censure, but y have joined PSOE censure of Mariano Rajoy not under any agreement.

The Secretary of Socialist organization has confirmed that intervention of accounts of Generalitat is maintained and that this will decline if situation is normalized and government completely returns to legality. "The process of normalization that we have all wanted, if that is true, because everyone has said that y want to normalize situation, that we return to legality, we recover institutionality; If that is case, it will be necessary to think that certain measures will have to go acompasándose to normalization. If normalization prospers it is normal that everything is normalize, and we do not leave exceptional facts, "he has considered.

In addition to end of intervention of accounts, independence groups are calling for rapprochement of Catalan prisoners to Catalonia. The PSOE rules out having negotiated this matter or any or with ERC and PDeCAT. "We haven't negotiated anything. The right has to realize that re was much willingness to throw Mariano Rajoy, "defended Ábalos, who states, as interlocutor who was with independence parties in days before motion of censure," prisoners did not come out at any time of The conversations. "

In any case, Socialists remember that new government of Pedro Sánchez does not have capacity to decide on prisons in which independence leaders are remanded. "Now preventive detainees respond to a decision of investigating judge, it is not up to government. For punished, government can now act through penitentiary institutions, "said Ábalos.

Once re is a sentence, if convicted, n it will depend on executive in which prisons are sentenced. At that time Socialists would decide, and Secretary of organization has suggested that humanitarian reasons could be addressed. "In prison treatment we should not be surprised if humanitarian issues are introduced," he riveted in COPE. The independence parties claim that prisoners fulfil ir sentences in Catalonia. Now y are serving provisional prison in Madrid prisons of Intremea and Alcalá Meco. The dispersal of prisoners was a measure applied in case of ETA prisoners as part of anti-terrorism policy.

The PSOE has also responded with discomfort to intention expressed by PP to amend now its own general budgets in Senate in order to hinder its final approval. The Socialists deplore "unedifying vengeance" of PP and criticize incoherence that implies torpedo accounts that announced as best for country. The socialist president, Pedro Sánchez, noneless committed himself to assuming se budgets as y have already been approved by Congress.

Sanchez to create a High Commissioner for Child poverty

The President of government, Pedro Sánchez, will create a High Commissioner for Child poverty, which will depend directly on him in structure of his government, according to which PSOE's secretary of organization, José Luis Ábalos, has advanced.

The budget for this newly-created agency will emerge from "systematizing and grouping various or items that may be" related to fight against poverty.


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