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The PSOE states that if Puigdemont calls for elections within the law should be stopped on 155

The elections should be held within the constitutional framework of legality, says the parliamentary spokesman

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The PSOE states that if Puigdemont calls for elections within the law should be stopped on 155

The PSOE has reaffirmed today that call for elections in Catalonia within framework of legality and provided that no declaration of independence is produced should curb application of article 155 of Constitution. "If elections are convened in constitutional framework and within current legality re would be no reason to be start-up of 155 mechanism of Constitution, which is only put in Macha when approved by Senate," said Tuesday parliamentary spokesman , Margarita Robles. It thus disagrees PSOE of position expressed by Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, who said this morning that call for elections by Carles Puigdemont is not enough to interrupt 155, as has been published in country.

"If re is a call for elections within constitutional framework of legality, with absolute rejection of DUI [unilateral declaration of independence], application of 155 would not be necessary," said Robles. "We ask Puigdemont that his political positions will lead m to framework of Constitution," parliamentary spokesman claimed.

The PSOE considers that best solution for Catalan problem is celebration of autonomous elections, preferably convened by Catalan president, and if not forced by government via 155. For that reason, in his agreement with Executive for support to 155, Socialists demanded that electoral call be as soon as possible. They understand that date is January.

The spokesman of executive, Óscar Puente, yesterday reiterated this position of PSOE and request to Puigdemont of autonomous elections, but pointed out that President of Generalitat should "return to legality" and that no DUI would be acceptable.

"The law is re and only thing you are asked to do is to return to legality." To return to legality re are multiple formulas. Call for autonomous elections: it seems to us that it is most reasonable in this scenario, since, as things have been put, it is more convenient for Catalan people to pronounce valid elections as soon as possible, said Puente. "What it's all about is that legality comes back," to recover legal framework that is currently in suspense in Catalonia, not 155 that has not entered into force, but by law of Transience, for decisions that have been taken by a Parliament that only meets At this moment at express will of those who have developed this process of independence ... "What it is about is to return to law," he explained.

In that sense, any type of DUI would be incompatible with PSOE with that request to return to law. "A unilateral declaration of independence is unacceptable." No light, no soft, no verbal or written can serve to return to legality, added.

In conversation with country, executive spokesman specified after that Puigdemont's willingness to return to law must also be "unequivocal". Thus, "if Puigdemont calls elections and constituent flames manifest a will to continue in illegality." That's no good, "said Bridge."

But government, as advanced in this paper, will only abort 155 that is already in process of Senate if re is a complete rectification of Puigdemont.


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