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The PSOE takes refuge after the government and will wait for it to take the most difficult measures

The Socialists do not take a stance on the state's response to disobedience

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The PSOE takes refuge after the government and will wait for it to take the most difficult measures

"When we get to that river, we'll cross that bridge." It is mantra that repeats se weeks in offices of Calle Ferraz since crisis of most serious state since coup of 23-F. The PSOE's dome makes use of this saying to repeated questions of journalists about response that State must give to different steps given by Government and, above all, to a predictable unilateral declaration of independence, which is summarized at end In a single: What does PSOE think it needs to be done?

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"The PSOE will position itself when time comes." It is answer that offers today socialist direction, which adds that "on hyposis, PSOE is not positioned and not Elucubra". The scenarios are concrete proposals such as that made on Monday leader of citizens, Albert Rivera, proposing application of article 155 of Constitution to convene autonomous elections in Catalonia or announced unilateral declaration of independence That government wants to take to Parlament. The Socialists, however, are reluctant to pronounce clearly on se measures or scenarios that are on table, in same way that government does not eir.

The executive's indefinition and inaction is precisely PSOE's first argument. "The decision is for government, and it would be good to make a political decision," laments Margarita Robles, socialist parliamentary spokesman. "The government is hidden behind skirts of judges and also wants to do it behind PSOE," he criticizes. In same line, sources of Environment of Secretary General, Pedro Sánchez, underline that it should be executive who raises PSOE to adopt measures before insurrection in Catalonia and not or way around.

In last month, socialist leader has twice visited Palacio de La Moncloa to meet with President of Government and has maintained frequent telephone conversations with Mariano Rajoy. In all se contacts, both leaders have reflected on situation, analyzed scenarios and agreed lines of action. Pedro Sánchez has moved his position to Mariano Rajoy, according to sources of his environment, but will not make it public until government announces its decisions.

The party itself has hinted at its reluctance to use article 155 of Constitution, which allows executive to take measures to compel authorities of an autonomous community to comply with legality. The management now points out that "re are many more instruments than 155", although this constitutional precept is not closed in band.

Several relevant voices of party, like first Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, do discard it in terms that has been raised by Albert Rivera. "Somebody tell us what we won." You apply it to call elections, what if y get same results? What if independenceists expand ir majority and on top of it y expand ir number of votes?, most responsible of Catalan Socialists is asked.

The role of PSC is key in positioning of party before Catalan crisis and Sanchez and Iceta maintain a fluid relationship and harmony. Would PSC oppose use of 155 in any case? "We do not contemplate it and we are not going to pronounce on that," says Iceta, who clarifies that "always and at all times you have to maintain rule of law." The Catalan leader assumes that PSOE criticizes criticism for its indefinition because it believes that "speculating on mechanisms is reckless" and, on contrary, not doing so is " minimum prudence that is required".

Both in direction of PSC and in team of General Secretariat of PSOE assure to know what decisions y would take in case of being at forefront of situation, although y reserve to share m. In public fact, Sánchez claimed Sunday to Rajoy to open a negotiation with Carles Puigdemont in an "immediate" way, as well as a dialogue with all political forces "without exclusions". As far-reaching proposals, PSOE recalls its constitutional reform initiative for a federal state model and measures of its 2013 declaration of Grenada and Barcelona declaration of 2017. Sánchez has raised his model of Plurinational Spain and granted more self-government to Catalonia.

Now, in immediate and in face of insurrection in Catalonia, party also does not have a unanimous position. Last Monday, permanent executive debated for five hours on situation in Catalonia, without a majority position, say sources present at meeting, which justify doubts. "Who has lived a situation like this?" Who's so sure? "It would be a shot if it were all decided," a socialist leader reasons.

At same time, PSOE takes refuge in its role in opposition, and tries to preserve itself from wear of a situation whose responsibility it attributes to who is in Moncloa. "We reformed 135 and n lost elections," recalls an interlocutor of management. "What if in end you have to apply 155, why do you have to put one in front of demonstration?" They ask in dome.


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