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The return of the works of Sijena twitches the Catalan campaign

The independence parties take advantage of the fulfillment of a judicial resolution for out against the PP, citizens and the PSC

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The return of the works of Sijena twitches the Catalan campaign
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  • Protests as medieval treasures removed from Catalan Museum

The return of property of monastery of Sijena entered yesterday in election campaign of Catalonia. The technicians of Aragon arrived in Lleida during dawn along with 70 agents of Guardia Civil and moved to Sijena 44 works. The independence parties took advantage of mere fulfillment of a judicial resolution to out against PP, citizens and, especially, PSC, to which y accused of "complicity" of what y described as "plunder".

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The independence parties took advantage of entrance of technicians and police intervention to assure that it was only prelude of what could happen, according to m, if Constitutionalist parties win. To se, return of works caught Contrapié. Especially PSC, which addressed critics of secessionists as "accomplice" to return for ir support of intervention of autonomy. But even popular candidate Xavier Garcia Albiol was uncomfortable with matter. "The decision we do not like, but we have to accept it as it cannot be orwise," he said.

In midst of campaign, and with surveys that move secessionist block of absolute majority, independence parties used return of works of Art of Sijena as a weapon weapon against citizens, PSC and PP. Junts per Catalunya attacked especially The Socialists, who govern city of Lleida. The general coordinator of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, accused PSC of being complicit in this action by having supported application of article 155, while number one of CUP by Lleida, Mireia Buoy, warned mayor of city, Àngel Ros: "That no closer" , do not come to walk your cynicism. "People have memory."

Iceta responded to that avalanche of criticisms accusing independence parties of lying, since decision obeys a judicial resolution rar than application of article 155. "Isn't that a judge's decision?" "Why do y lie, deceive, and why do y love conflict instead of solutions?" he lamented. Still, socialist leader was opposed to that decision by "hasty", since re is still no firm sentence.

The leader of citizens, Inés Arrimadas, also framed return in a decision of judge and yelled executive ceased of Carles Puigdemont not to have reached an agreement with Aragon. "It's a situation that I wish we could have saved," settleded. The Minister of Culture, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, said that transfer was done with "professionalism" and recalled that Government has agreed to defend position of Generalitat by putting a recourse to decision of judge on his behalf.

Vehicle motorcade

The 44 works began shortly after noon his return to monastery of Santa Maria of Sijena. The entourage formed by a dozen vehicles of Guardia Civil, a van and truck of company Feltrero that carried on board pieces that had been until that moment in Diocesan museum and district of Lleida came out around 14.00 of yesterday and Rambla Reef of Aragon heading to that same community at full speed. So much, that it was difficult to track him along road leading to monastery of region of blacks.

The works come to Sijena. Atlas

There y expected, for hours, some 200 people from town and neighbors of whole region and Aragonese capital who wanted to see return of pieces of art that in Seventies took away few nuns who remained in monastery when y moved to live To Barcelona, and n sold to Generalitat. When truck arrived an hour later, many did not contain tears to see packings containing three large boxes headstones of nuns and abbess of fifteenth century, or four that contained enormous high of translucent alabaster of sixteenth century, Even those who served to transport 21 religious-med paintings, especially life of King David.

Parts may not be visible for a few months after restoration. "They are much worse than it seems, after being so long in a museum," explained mayor of Sijena, Ildefonso Palillas.

On a cold but sunny day, municipal lawyer Jorge Español and Minister of Culture of Government of Aragon, Mayte Pérez, attended reception of pieces, who explained that some of pieces recovered, after a thorough review of technicians, were They found "in a very, very, very deteriorated state and some will be difficult to recover." He also blamed Minister Méndez de Vigo for his inaction.

Amb nocturnitat i utilitzant un policia militaritzada, com sempre, tot aprofitant a cop d'estat per polir Catalunya amb absolute impunitat. Aquest is country model that Defensen citizens, PSC I pp.

— Carles Puigdemont


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