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The right turn of Casado opens an ideological battle in the PP

The candidate's proposals take him away from Rajoy and split the party in two that see a need for a refoundation and those who do not

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The right turn of Casado opens an ideological battle in the PP

For years, it was José María Aznar and Esperanza Aguirre who demanded an ideological rearmament in PP. "When a party is unclear what its ideology is, its leaders go like chickens without a head", he said this last. They preached in wilderness, because while training was in power, no leader appreciated that problem of "indefinition." Now, in debut of PP primaries, one of candidates, Pablo Casado, recruits supporters by retaking that "refoundation" recipe and promising an "extraordinary convention on Principles and values." "I just voted with great enthusiasm," Aguirre said excitedly in first round of primaries.

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The 37-year-old deputy secretary of PP has designed his campaign under this premise — "I want to launch a national project where we have a recognizable discourse" — and has opened an ideological battle in acronym. The PP has split in two: those who believe that y are only choosing a new leader and who think y need to revise ideological nucleus.

While married tries to make a presidential-type campaign, with sectoral acts and proposals for legislative changes, his rival, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, has focused his leadership, selling his experience of government with Mariano Rajoy and his best Disposition to return to Moncloa. "I would love to know what tax, educational, international proposals or candidacy has," he afea married. "who asks for a discussion of ideas has no idea. The program of PP is already written ", y respond in team of Santamaría, option Continuist, after almost 20 years next to Rajoy.

The Deputy secretary has located to right of Government of Rajoy, which came to Moncloa after elections of 2011 and went on 1 June after motion of censure of Pedro Sánchez. Married speaks now, for example, of possibility of outlaw to independence parties. "We cannot make a reactive policy, we must prevent it. It can be done with law of matches, as was done with environment of Batasuna. In this case re is no violence, but coercion, threats, children suffering in schools... " It was not done during government of Rajoy.

The Deputy secretary also criticized so-called Operation dialogue that n President commissioned Sáenz de Santamaría: "It was a failure. And we didn't apply 155 as it had to be applied. "

Casado also proposes to recover crimes of improper sedition and illegal summons of referendum in Penal code. Alfonso Alonso, who supports Exvice-president, has described this cataract of reproaches related to management in Catalonia as "opportunists". But Vice-Secretary is convinced that his message is in a part of electorate that is "desiring to return to have an excuse to vote for PP" and called " Spain of balconies" [in allusion to flags hung].

In that ideological battle, Casado has also resorted to very sensitive issues, such as abortion. "We do not like Zapatero's law [of deadlines] and we will modify it. We want to return to law of 1985 [of assumptions]. Abortion is not a right. It cannot be free bar and a snapping as with this law, "declared candidate promising a legislative change that Rajoy did not do in his stage in government. The division that this matter provokes in rows of PP caused that party changed its statutes in its last Congress, in 2017, to allow vote of conscience (and refore, without penalty for breaking discipline). Of six precandidates to primaries, Ultracatholic group become heard, celebrates by ir buses transphobic, only approved to García Hernández and married because y were only ones, said, that y defended sufficiently " life, family and unity of Spain".

Economically, married proclaims a "liberalism without complexes" and has recruited for his team Daniel street, signed in his day by Aguirre, and Manuel Pizarro. When, in 2013, he was asked what he would do if he was president of government, street responded: "Renegotiate all subsidies to change m for tax incentives; To put a standard and fixed tax system, low and same for all, so that re are no deductions. " The video against Sáenz de Santamaría diffused yesterday through Whatsapp and social networks showed one of support of former vice-president, Cristóbal Montoro, Minister of Finance, along with headline: "Fierce tax hike."

Anor example of Giro to right of Casado is fact that he has recovered a leader who left in 2008 first political line to understand that his party "blurred" — Maria San Gil — and seeks to recover anor that directly, he went to Vox — Ortega Lara. The Deputy secretary has offered San Gil, if he wins, job he wants. "These 10 years I have felt ideologically very orphaned, but Paul has given me back illusion of military in PP," said former president of party in Euskadi.

The voltage is high. "They are fighting for last umpire," President of Congress Organizing Committee, Luis de Grandes, admitted this Friday. Finally, it will be 3,082 those who vote, in cabins and with envelopes, if y wish, to avoid "stage frights". Within a week you will know name of Mariano Rajoy's successor, but ideological battle is already open.

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