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The secessionist parties are inclined to go to the elections

ERC and PDeCAT executives will now discuss the possible formulas for the 21-D

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The secessionist parties are inclined to go to the elections

The restlessness and bewilderment that reigns between independence bases by lack of response of sovereigntists leaders to application of article 155 gave way this Sunday to an intense debate on what is to be done now before call of elections. While former president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and some of exadvisors continue to feed fiction that Catalan government continues to command in Plaza despite being stopped, party leaders have already opened internal debate on Election call. In ERC and PDeCAT, voices that initially advocated not to appear in elections have opted to shut up. All scenarios are open and this Monday will be analyzed in executives of both parties.

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The first of leaders of independence process that this Saturday prepared ground to stand for elections was former president of Generalitat, Oriol Junqueras. In a letter published in Punt Avui, one of newspapers that most advocated independence, ERC leader said that "You can never give up ballot box," Although it did not specify which ballot boxes he was talking about. Despite making it clear that he does not follow his destitution, Junqueras advanced that decisions will have to be made that "y will not always be easy to understand" and called for a "shared strategy". He did not explicitly speak of elections but his words show that Republican will not support voices calling for boycott of elections of December 21. Among things that may not be "easy to understand" by independence activist is fact that for two years ERC has ensured that September 27, 2015 were last autonomous elections in Catalonia and that party would not return to RePET Go electoral coalition with heirs of Convergència Democràtica. Now, all this is in question and comes precisely after turbulent days in which, from ERC's dome have been launched hard invectives against leaders of PDeCAT, beginning with Carles Puigdemont, who called "traitor" when he raised summon Elections without finally getting to it.

ERC spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, one of leaders who charged against Puigdemont, now calls for a "broad front" in favor of Catalan Republic at polls. This broad front should include, according to Republican strategists, Catalonia in Comú, party of mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, which is not for work.

The role of Santi Vila

In PDeCAT debate is lagging behind but very few doubt that re is no alternative but to go to elections and, if possible, with ERC to avoid debacle that all surveys predict. The heirs of Convergència will gar this Monday to his direction to analyze pre-election scenario. Sources close to party's dome speculated on this Sunday with two scenarios.

The first would be to go to elections alone and with ir own acronyms. In this case, y take for granted that candidate should be one of directors who have been terminated under article 155. Many gazes in Exconvergent Dome focus, in this case, on Josep Rull, who until Friday was head of Department of Territory and that last years has captained transition from Convergència from pactist nationalism to independence without Nuances. Rull, precisely, continued this Sunday defying government and was presented as "counselor" in an act in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona).

The second scenario that shuffles converging is to repeat electoral coalition with Republican and or small independence parties. It would be to transform Junts PEL Yes, its coalition in Parlament since 2015, in a brand similar to "Junts per la República". In this case, door would be opened for list to be led by independents and many voices within independentism look at presidents of Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, in pre-trial detention for an alleged Crime of sedition.

There is a third scenario that few see within PDeCAT but that could completely shake electoral panorama and goes by Santi Vila, counselor who resigned last Thursday, hours before declaration of Independence, is also a candidate. Vila has a registered platform, a pact for democracy, which could cover a sovereignty spectrum but far from unilateral way of CUP that has led to cessation of entire government. The possibility of Vila being a candidate with acronyms of PDeCAT would imply that party changes from top to bottom its policies and tactics of recent months.

The final strategy adopted by independence parties will depend to a large extent on what happens this week in judicial front. Some sources take for granted that idea of a joint list, in order to highlight Frentismo, will be more likely if hard precautionary measures are decided for members of government in lawsuit than last prosecutor for an alleged crime of rebellion. What everyone has in mind is that time runs fast and electoral calendar forces us to make decisions this week.

A week to decide candidacies

deadline ends on 7-N.  The independenceists will have few days to decide wher or not y come in coalition, as y did in Autonomics 2015, with elections to Parlament of Catalonia. The deadline for electoral coalitions to oficialicen ir constitution ends next Tuesday, November 7th. On that date y must register ir name, identify ir drivers and parties that form m.

between 13 and 18 November, candidacies of parties, federations and coalitions, and promoters of groupings of electors, must be registered with Electoral board. The campaign for 21-D elections will begin at 24.00 on 5 December.


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