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The supreme appointment to Junqueras and the rest of imprisoned to decide whether to leave them free

Judge Pablo Llarena accedes to the request of the exmembers of the Government, who had requested to testify in the High Court

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The supreme appointment to Junqueras and the rest of imprisoned to decide whether to leave them free

Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena has quoted to declare on Friday, December 1, from 9.30 a.m. to ten imprisoned for independence process of Catalonia: vice-president of Generalitat Oriol Junqueras, seven Exconcejeros and leaders of ANC and Òmnium, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. In a providence dictated on Wednesday, judge explains his decision in petitions made by imprisoned for supreme to review precautionary measures imposed by National court.

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  • Llarena, 10; Lick it, 0
  • Charges imputed by Supreme Court and national hearing

The supreme is fulfilling deadlines that defenses of independence leaders wanted to which judge of national audience Carmen Lamea sent to unconditional prison. After high court took last Friday cause of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement, former advisers and former presidents of ANC and Òmnium had asked to testify before Judge Llarena for supreme to review precautionary measures imposed by licking it and valuing possibility of leaving m free.

The majority of imprisoned attend Catalan elections of next 21-D in outposts of some of lists independence and consider, according to writings that have been presented before judge, who have right to campaign outside of prison. The election campaign begins next Tuesday, December 5, so if Llarena decides to release m after making a statement on Friday, y will be able to make entire campaign away from prison.

In brief filed with High Court, lawyers of imprisoned requested that appearance before Llarena will focus only on revising unconditional pressure decreed by audience, without entering to testify on merits of offences that He attributes prosecution. In Providence dictated on Wednesday, magistrate first agrees to this petition and summons m to declare "in relation" to precautionary measures.

In this way, imprisoned, who when y appeared before audience only wanted to answer questions of ir lawyers, will not have to submit this Friday to questioning of prosecutor and judge, but appearances will be limited to responding to The questions that prosecutors and Llarena consider necessary to assess wher y can be granted probation. The former advisors and presidents of ANC and Òmnium aspire for Magistrate to act in same way as he did on November 9, when he chose to impose acceptable bails to evade prison to five of six members of Parlament's Bureau to whom he took Statement (to sixth he released him without bail) against criterion of prosecutor, who called for unconditional prison for Carme Forcadell and three or members of Bureau.

Llarena made that decision after giving a final turn of speech to members of Bureau during getting to agree on precautionary measures held after interrogations. At that time, members of Bureau reiterated ir commitment to abide by article 155 of Constitution and assured that if y were still in politics y would do so without ever skipping constitution. The judge, who considered that re was no risk of destruction of evidence or escape (determinants to opt for one or or precautionary measures), understood this commitment as a guarantee that y would not relapse into crimes of which y were accused and allowed m Avoid prison. Therefore, independent leaders who lick it yes that sent to prison have been slipping in writings presented in supreme that y also abide 155 and, without relinquishing independence, y bet to achieve ir political goals from "dialogue ". These will be explanations that repeat this Friday before Llarena to convince him to leave m free.


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