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The transfer of Social security, the main obstacle to the appointment of Urkullu in the Moncloa

The approach of the prisoners of ETA to the prisons of the Basque Country will be another of the topics to be addressed

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The transfer of Social security, the main obstacle to the appointment of Urkullu in the Moncloa

The approach of prisoners of ETA to prisons of Basque Country, negotiations to avoid resources of central government before Constitutional Court and study, with will of agreement, of outstanding competencies, constitute framework in which President of executive, Pedro Sánchez, will interview this Monday with Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu. The good disposition will be compatible with practically insurmountable difficulty of transferring Social security to Basque Country. The transfer of prison management will not be easy eir.

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The Lehendakari opens on Monday at Moncloa interviews Pedro Sanchez with all regional presidents. The good relationship that Basque ruler and direction of PNV that leads Andoni Ortuzar established with previous president, Mariano Rajoy, it seems that can be repeated with Sanchez.

The PNV helped Rajoy to draw budgets and, a few days later, to PSOE to reach government. Negotiations on postponed issues are now beginning year after year. The dialogue is open to all subjects, although its outcome does not point to an easy agreement, as noted in government sources.

Securing budget items

The demands and historical claims will be in conversation between Pedro Sánchez and Iñigo Urkullu, but for latter re is a priority: to guarantee items negotiated with Government of PP in budgets of state of this year. The bulk of same is maintained whenever PP in Senate has not touched, but is in air a block of something more than 25 million euros for job training that has been erased. Urkullu is not resigned to vote of PNV to make Sanchez president will subtract money.

The main obstacle will be to meet demand of Urkullu to take over management of Social security. The rejection will not be definitive today, but Sanchez also does not contribute to Urkullu shelter too much hope. Despite fact that transfer of Social security management is contained in Gernika statute approved 37 years ago, no government has wanted to address it. The unchanging answer has been that you cannot break single box of Social security, which is only element of cohesion in Spain. Since PSE-PSOE it is conceded that perhaps some formula of transfer of management can be addressed without risking unitary character of same one, as y have told Sanchez, but without too much zeal, according to government sources indicate. This measure would lead to a severe opposition of PP and citizens, but measure would not be peaceful within PSOE, recognise se interlocutors.

Bring in prisoners

There will surely be agreement on ETA's inmate approach once terrorist band is dissolved. But not all imprisoned are in same situation, and President of Government wants to separate debate of condemned ones of ETA for offences of terrorism of Catalan independentist politicians who are in remand.

"After announcement of dissolution of ETA and, refore, recognition of its defeat, by rule of law it is clear that politics has to adapt to a new reality, but taking into account victims of terrorism," said head of Government in interview published this Sunday in country. That yes to approach of ETA to three Basque prisons does not carry automatically granting of request of Lehendakari of transfer of penitentiary competition to Basque Gobieno. The head of government, who has prepared a lot of meeting with different interlocutors, but, above all, with Basque Socialists who leads, Idoia Mendia, is willing to tackle it, but not imminently.

It will also offer immediate dialogue to analyze outstanding transfers, which PNV figures in 37, with respect to which new Government has not yet pronounced or evaluated if y conform to statutory reality. The truth is that for years it was 31, but six more have been added, ranging from immigration management to drug control. The last major transfer took place in October 2010 when n Lehendakari, Patxi López, sealed with third Vice-President and Minister of Territorial Policy, Manuel Chaves, transfer of active employment policies.

In previous legislature contacts began in July 2017 between Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and spokesman of Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, but increasing tension in Catalonia made m shipwrecked. Now, Lehendakari will ask Sanchez to institute a stable framework of dialogue that tries to put an end to continuing litigiousness before Constitutional Court.

But Sanchez also has petitions for Lehendakari: participation of PNV in Evaluation commission of autonomous state that was created in Congress, conceived as an embryo for constitutional reform, which now languishes, and in which Nationalists Basques never wanted to participate.


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