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Three senior officers of the URJC were teachers of the master of married, but do not remember anything

The university has not yet clarified after three months if there was or did not try to please the leader of the PP and all teachers linked to the course are silent

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Three senior officers of the URJC were teachers of the master of married, but do not remember anything

The University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) has not yet clarified, three months after first information of country, wher or not Pablo Casado received a favor in his master. University spokesmen allege that matter is under judicial investigation, but also justify silence that it is not easy to find documentation or find out exactly what happened. But to clarify if married received a treatment of favor suffice to answer one question: What was asked of or students? The new president of PP already responded at his first press conference: "I don't know." Because he didn't step on classes and he didn't even know m. In fact, rector, Javier Ramos, has near who could answer. The country has found that three teachers in schedules of that master are members of current government team. But y don't remember anything or y keep quiet. Like all teachers in master's degree.

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One is Pilar Charro, Secretary general, person who denounced ft of his laptop day published first information about Cristina Cifuentes. Anor is Pablo Benlloch, dean of legal sciences. Through press office, both respond that y gave an optional subject, married was not his pupil, were not in any court and rules of master were Director's competence. But y don't answer what requirements were for or students. The third teacher is vice-rector David Ortega: In his case, denies having participated in master, although it appears in timetables of class. "Maybe Alvarez Conde got my name, or he told me, I don't remember, but I never was, it's an erroneous fact," he says.

The PP attacks judge who takes case

PP leader Javier Maroto, a member of Pablo Casado's team, attacked Monday night judge who teaches case of master, Carmen Rodríguez-Medel, and Le recriminated latest providences seeking to gar more information on leader of party Conservative: "I no longer know if re is any reason besides judiciary to Erre that Erre is asking about a subject on which he has no jurisdiction (...) What is reason why you ask questions about a subject that you cannot even issue opinion and judgment? "

Maroto referred to one who is married, as a member, a graduated and can only be investigated by Supreme Court, prior authorization of Congress. The judge of case has already asked lower house for official confirmation that leader of PP occupies a seat, to assess later if he raises case to High Court, and has already received answer. According to judicial sources, Magistrate's intention is to collect as much information as possible about master of married to decide wher to file case or, on contrary, see signs of a crime that will force him to inhibit himself and transfer him to supreme.

The points on suspicion of treatment of a married couple are two and university has not been able to clarify m: 18 convalidations that it obtained and that did not do final work, with a tutor and defended in a court. On se two aspects, judge who instructed case in interrogation of rector of URJC, Javier Ramos, insisted on 21 June. One of keys to this issue is under what legislation master's degree was developed, in a moment of transition towards European model of Bologna plan. According to Casado, it was a royal decree of 2005, which allowed him to do no final work, a requirement that was already requested in following royal decree of 2007. But under eir of two regulations, it would have allegedly been incurred in irregularities. The judge made read to Ramos Royal Decree of 2005 and Rector concluded: "If I understood correctly could not be validated anything, it is irregular to be validated". And as for final work, he asked, "Do you know if in edition of Mr. Casado re was public defense of end-of-master's work?" "I do not know," replied rector.

The truth is that up to three students have confirmed to country that re was final work with defense before a court. And two students of previous year, regulated by same rules, have counted same. The married companions, called to testify as witnesses next week, have even a mail of Alvarez Conde with summons of court on June 29, 2009 and professors who composed it. When y arrived y were told that public reading was not necessary, because work had already been examined. The members of that tribunal, holders and alternates, according to this e-mail of call, were Professors Enrique Álvarez Conde, Florentina Navas Castillo, Elena Pérez Martín, Manuel grito Sáez, José Fernando Merino Merchán and Jesus Primitivo Rodríguez González. None of m have responded to messages or calls of this newspaper, Merino Merchán has not been able to be contacted.

All teachers who gave classes in that Master's, contacted by this newspaper, also keep quiet and, meanwhile, tensions in university around master of married have been growing. On one hand, investigation of Judge Rodriguez-Medel has brought to light that current rector was in Commission which n took decision to validate married 18 subjects. On or, obligation to provide information to Court has caused internal friction. According to sources of rectory, resignation of Vice-rector of Masters José María Álvarez Monzoncillo, on June 27th, would be related to case. He did not occupy any position at time of events, but as current graduate responsible has sent to court required information. He has collaborated fluently, although he found obstacles to obtaining it. After being called to testify, he was stopped and stopped having access to computer system. According to se sources, he insisted on providing all necessary data.

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