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Torra asks Rajoy to raise financial intervention in Catalonia

The President-elect of the Generalitat insists on reinstate the former councillors

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Torra asks Rajoy to raise financial intervention in Catalonia

Just 24 hours after receiving necessary support from Catalan parliament to relieve Carles Puigdemont, new President-elect of Generalitat, he has traveled to Berlin to "honor legitimate president". Torra has used to respond to decision of Government and of PSOE to maintain economic intervention of Generalitat despite that it has Govern, in order to avoid that public money is destined to international structures that defend Catalan separatism.

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In German capital, Torra and Puigdemont have staged start of a new government for Catalonia, which y contemplate at least for time being two-headed. "I look like a president-in-Chief," Torra started during press conference in German capital. "We are surprised that re is a division between implementation of article 155 and intervention of finances," Torrent said.

The president and leader of PSOE have also agreed as third pact to maintain control of finances of Generalitat that develops Ministry of Treasury and Public administrations of Cristóbal Montoro since before application of article 155 of Constitution. They will monitor, have stressed, that Generalitat's budget is "intended for fulfilment of purposes of general interest" for which y are intended, not for procés.

The President-elect has insisted that " restitution process will be basic in this process" and that this way loyalist defended since last elections of 21-D also passes by return of former president Puigdemont to which y considered "illegally ceased" Within framework of application of article 155 of Constitution.

"Every Conseller ceased by 155 who wants to return has every right," Torra defended. In that sense, new president explained that "we have started talking to counselors and will decide in next few hours," he said during joint appearance held in Spanish, Catalan and English and in which both leaders independence They intervened interchangeably with questions of international press. Seven senior advisors are in pre-trial detention; Anor in Belgium waiting for Belgian justice to pronounce on its extradition and two withdrawn from first row of political line.

Torra has insisted on his offer of dialogue to Government of Mariano Rajoy and indicated that he plans to write a letter to Spanish president to "set a day and an hour" to meet and ask for lifting of article 155 and recovery of control of finances Catalan. Puigdemont has assured that Torra will have all responsibilities of a president and said that one who now starts will be "a government for all Catalans."

On 25 March, German police arrested Puigdemont in north of country. After spending twelve days in prison of Neumünster, former Catalan president was released upon payment of a bail of 75,000 euros. Since n, it resides in Berlin and will not be able to leave country until High Court of Schleswig-Holstein definitively responds to Euroorden coursed by Spain, where it is processed by rebellion and embezzlement of public flows.


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