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Torra promises the charge of ' president ' omitting the Constitution and the King

The government declines to attend the inauguration of the leader of the Generalitat, which lasted less than three minutes

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Torra promises the charge of ' president ' omitting the Constitution and the King
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  • He will take office this Thursday as president of Generalitat
  • He travels to Berlin to perform obedience to Puigdemont

Not three minutes has lasted inauguration of new Catalan president, Mr. Torra. In most minimalist act of this kind to be remembered at Palau de la Generalitat, new president has sworn charge without referring to Constitution or King and has limited himself to promise "fidelity to people of Catalonia". Torra has only been accompanied by her family and only symbols in venue where event has been held have been a senyera and medallion that identifies president, Torra has not worn. The new president did carry yellow ribbon on lapel, a symbol of support for politicians in pre-trial detention. The government, in disagreement with format of act, has declined to attend.

"I promise to comply loyally with duties of President of Generalitat, in fidelity to will of people of Catalonia, represented in parliament," said Torra before secretary of government, Víctor Cullel. It is a similar formula to that used by Carles Puigdemont in 2016 and which raised controversy over fact of not mentioning eir Magna Carta or His majesty. Justice, however, determined that formula was not ruled and saw no illegality. In inauguration of expresident re was no Spanish flag in hall eir.

The ceremony was chaired by President of Parlament, Roger Torrent, and Cullel, who read decree in which Torra is named. The only audience were partner of president, Carlota Miró, and or relatives that Torra has greeted after oath. In room re is only one estatuta of Virgin of Montserrat, patron saint of Catalonia, and a tapestry of Sant Jordi. At table was medallion that identifies president of Generalitat and who gave Puigdemont day of his inauguration. The role of jewel, undoubtedly, is to symbolize absence and legitimacy of Puigdemont in a new Govern in which Torra himself has said that he will play a role of mere "custodian".

The central government has wanted to stage its discomfort with act declining to attend. An image that contrasts with presence in act of investiture of Puigdemont. In 2016, minister of Interior, Jorge Fernandez and former government delegate Maria de los Llanos de Luna, attended central government. Among public was also inspector General of Army in Catalonia, Ricardo Álvarez-Espejo, and mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau.

The disagreement between parties motivates details of inauguration. The central government (in charge of Generalitat under article 155) and team of collaborators of new Catalan leader negotiated content for two days, but did not reach an agreement. Since Moncloa have ensured this morning that "has tried to impose level of government delegation", which has not been accepted. The Government also considers that model of Act for which it has finally been chosen "degrades institution's own dignity".

No guests

The official call to media arrived at 10.20 hours this Thursday to Medíos and included atypical details in a ceremony of this type. The takeover used to be an act with a large number of guests, full of symbolism and a great media deployment. All se details have been minimized and Torra team has opted for an almost intimate encounter. For example, former presidents of Generalitat or Parliament have not been invited. Nor to presidents of or parliamentary groups.

The inauguration is usually carried out in Salón de Sant Jordi, with more capacity and most symbolic of Palau. Carles Puigdemont, for example, attended 400 people. This time it has opted for hall of Verge of Montserrat, much smaller. The act is part of "strict Catalan legality", says notice of summons sent by Department of Presidency of Generalitat.

On façade of Palau, Spanish flag flies. In addition, tapestry of Generalitat's coat of arms has been hung from balcony, which is usually exhibited at official parties and an extra mast with anor Catalan flag, reports Pere Ríos. Torra had already announced that one of his first measures as President of Generalitat would be to place a large yellow ribbon. In fact, frugality of acts attributed it from ir surroundings to respect at moment of "political exceptionality and Respero to political prisoners".

Access to media has also been restricted, argued gauging problems. Only Catalan public media and agencies can be in room where event will take place. The rest of media that you want will be able to follow it from press room of Palau de la Generalitat. The inauguration has also not aroused much curiosity among Catalans, because unlike or occasions re are few curious in Plaza de Sant Jaume.

A "formal" act

The Minister of Justice, Rafael Catala, has assured that takeover is a "formal" act. Asked about non-presence of government in same, Catala has said that "relevant" is that Torra appoint ir advisors and can "start working toger" two governments, reports Guillem Andrés.

Inés Arrimadas, leader of Ciutadans and head of opposition when government is constituted, has referred to act of this Thursday in a radio interview "We always go to this type of acts, but have not invited us so we have not raised wher to go or not" , he said.

For its part, leader of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, today proposed to regulate takeovers of public offices so that it is obligatory to "abide by Constitution and respect head of State and monarchy." "We will present a legislative initiative to regulate and concretize appointments of high-ranking officials and elected officials, to protect constitutional loyalty in acts of possession," he announced in Antena 3, after defending that "political manifestations You have to leave m for or moments "and that" at time of taking office you must abide by Constitution. "

Torra denounces an attempt to ' hack ' your Twitter account


The president of Generalitat-elect, Mr. De la Presidente, has denounced through his Twitter account that he is trying to ' hack ' his profile on this social network in order to introduce tweets he would not have done. "I am sorry to report that you are trying to hack my Twitter account. They may have leaked comments that I have not done, "says Torra in a tweet published this morning, which concludes:" I hope to resolve it shortly. "


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