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Torra visits this Tuesday to Puigdemont in Berlin after being invested ' president '

The two leaders will offer a joint press conference, the first act after the election

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Torra visits this Tuesday to Puigdemont in Berlin after being invested ' president '

The president of Generalitat has been elected on Monday after insisting several times in his speech in which legitimate president of Catalonia "is Carles Puigdemont", fled from justice. Torra will visit Puigdemont in Berlin today, in her first act as president. During debate, he reiterated opening of a provisional stage, while embracing aspirations of independence plan of last autumn, which led to implementation of article 155 and intervention of Generalitat.

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The second investiture session responded to planned script and abstention of four members of CUP allowed Torra to relieve Puigdemont as president for 66 votes in favor (Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra) and 65 against (of all opposition). However, its choice does not bode opening of a new stage, but continuation of challenge to state by Generalitat and Parlament that already led Puigdemont in September and October of 2017, when laws were passed outside statute and Constitution and independence was declared, which led to imprisonment or flight of its promoters.

Since his departure from Spain, former president has spearheaded hardest line of secessionism and Torra showed a big consideration yesterday with his predecessor throughout three interventions in Parlament. He made continual allusions to figure of Puigdemont and offered him his post after being invested, a symptom of ancestry he will have on Torra. He insisted on "exceptionality and provisionalness" of his mandate, and promised that he would do everything in his power to Puigdemont, which he will now offer a joint press conference in Berlin, to resume his position as president.

The leader of PSC, Miquel Iceta, was very clear in his warning. "Do not provoke again to avoid anor application of 155," he said, at a time when citizens ' pressure on Mariano Rajoy grows so that it does not raise Generalitat's intervention until return to legality is ensured. In that line, appointment of counselors in prison can give arguments to voices asking for a hard hand. It is a legal act, but of little travel because y will probably be suspended shortly by Supreme Court when y confirm ir prosecution.

Torra confessed that "one had to learn from mistakes", which was read as a reference to Declaration of Independence of October 27 that approved Parlament. However, in none of two investiture sessions (Saturday and Monday), this date was heard, neir in its mouth, nor in that of majority groups of secessionism.

The candidate insisted that constituent process he proposes will go from "restitution of institutions", to what he considered " maximum expression of democracy": elaboration of a Catalan constitution, anor frustrated aspiration of independence of Last fall. He also pledged "loyalty to mandate" of illegal 1 October referendum.

In addition, Torra affirmed that it will recover 16 laws that Parliament approved and that y were suspended or cancelled by Constitutional Court after recourse to Government. If se intentions were to be realized, Bureau of Chamber could be placed on verge of disobedience, as was case in previous legislature.

This time, unlike his Saturday speech, Torra detailed a government plan and promised to negotiate cross-cutting laws and agreements, something that questioned opposition. This questioned that it would give him time, since se proposals have been heard for a long time and it takes years to carry m out.

Torra forecastd that key to his mandate will be trial planned for autumn against independence leaders, who "will test" Catalonia: "We all have to live up to it," he said. The Expresident Puigdemont said on Sunday in an interview with La Stampa that in October could be re-convened elections. The publication of sentence, apart from crimes that charged defendants, will be decisive in that timetable.

The tweets and writings with supremacists tints of Torra in recent years were again aired by opposition. The candidate again asked for forgiveness: "I repent," he said, while Eduard Pujol (Junts per Catalunya) and Sergi Sabrià (ERC) insisted on inclusive nature of future Republic and unity of Catalan Society.


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