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Total uncertainty in the PP at the outcome of the Congress

The decision of the more than 3,000 commissioners will be known this Saturday after one o'clock in the afternoon

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Total uncertainty in the PP at the outcome of the Congress

"We have no idea of doing this." The phrase, pronounced by a veteran popular leader who has remained on sidelines of two confronted candidacies, sums up feeling of much of party, which came exhausted, divided and bewildered at end of an unprecedented process for m: election in Ballot box of his new leader. The final decision of more than 3,000 commissioners will be known this Saturday after one o'clock in afternoon. And no one dares to talk about a favorite. The proof is that talisman that everyone wanted to when during campaign, which precipitated battle after announcing its withdrawal, Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has not pronounced in favor of any of contenders.

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"There are many, many nerves," he admitted anor popular charge that has been working on campaign of Pablo Casado. Sources of both candidacies, that of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and that of Casado, continue to insist on impossible figures because, Sumándolas, it seems that y vote 6,000 commissioners and not 3,082 summoned. The team of Vice-President made fun of "cheese" of Deputy Secretary, in allusion to graphics with which broadcasting his supposed support collaborators of Casado. According to se, Santamaría ( red of cheese) did not reach 800 votes. According to candidacy of Vice-President, it exceeded "widely" 60% of supports.

The community that most commissioners contributes to Congress is Andalusia, where fireproof Javier arenas recruits for Vice-president. "I trust much more of our life-long plumber, with experience, that of one who only puts will," says a leader who supports Santamaria referring to arenas, who takes all his political life by removing and putting, convincing, handling that of what all Candidates refuse in primaries: party apparatus, i.e. its power structure. In married team, however, y claim that political veteran is no longer as effective as before and that that pressure has ended up turning him against him in some case. Those who ask for vote for married in Andalusia call m " Kosovars".

Members of management of PP and both candidates admit that a significant number — 300 say some of m — of Commissioners waited for today to decide ir vote after listening to two aspirants, who will have half an hour each to expose ir plans. Among commissioners, some also waited to listen to Rajoy to see if it threw some reproach or wink during his speech. But he didn't come.


After knowing winner today, will come integration of candidacy that has lost, closure of open wounds in this process. "There are slaughterers on both sides that will be difficult to integrate, but also very valid people with which it would be easier," explains a member of married team in allusion to hardness of attacks during campaign. Especially with regard to ideology. Although Vice-Secretary's candidacy has agglutinated different profiles and sensitivities, from Esperanza Aguirre to Javier Maroto, sources consulted understand that his victory would be a turn to right, and that of Santamaría a more continuous model respect To Rajoy, with whom he worked almost 20 years. "It has not run blood," said president of Organizing Committee of Congress, Luis de Grandes. But re are open wounds.

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