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Two Italian military boats will support the ' Aquarius ' to take Valencia to the 629 migrants

The humanitarian boat had ruled out last night to go to Spain because of the lack of supplies

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Two Italian military boats will support the ' Aquarius ' to take Valencia to the 629 migrants

Finally, 629 migrants rescued on Saturday night to Sunday in international waters against Libya will go to Spain, to port of Valencia, as confirmed this Tuesday at around six in morning coordinator of Doctors Without Borders aboard Aquarius. The conditioners that prevented last night seem to have been solved. The voyage will be in a fleet of three boats: this boat chartered by Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterránée will lead to a hundred migrants (those that fit to cover), while rest of m are planned to travel in two ships of Coast Guard and of The Italian navy. This morning, Italy is preparing to take supplies to humanitarian ship.

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The Aquarius is looking for a safe harbor for se refugees and immigrants since Sunday Italy announced closure of ir ports to boats of NGOs that save lives in Mediterranean. On Monday new president of Spanish Government, socialist Pedro Sanchez, offered option Valencia.

Late on Monday night, Aquarius rescue coordinator Nicola Stalla said that embarking on journey with whole group was impossible because it implies that y would have to sleep in ceiling and wear was getting worse, so it would mean "endangering Ship, to crew and to rescued. " The negotiations through Rome Maritime Coordination Centre, one in charge of coordinating rescues and arrival of all migrants on board, have continued throughout night and have prospered in Valencia option with support of two Italian boats.

This solution is happy for Italy, which maintains closure of its ports, and Spanish president, which resolves a humanitarian crisis that affects European migratory policy in full. As soon as Spanish proposal was known, new Italian Interior minister, xenophobic Matteo Salvini, sang victory immediately in a tweet.

The details of transfer will be profiled throughout day but operation of transfer to or ships will take time. Valencia is 700 nautical miles (about 1,300 kilometres) from point between Malta and Italy where humanitarian boat is now.

The situation on board is calm in general but tension is increasing. None of migrants are critical but re are many patients, re are seven pregnant women, ten children, 123 unaccompanied minors... They all left Libya, a hell especially for sub-Saharan and y're exhausted. The battle to get a hole where to sleep is one of issues that more friction raises in last hours. So many people in such a small space-with 77 meters in length, is ready to host for a couple of days or three to 550 people-poses a great risk because situation can deteriorate very quickly.

The Aquarius is one of few NGO boats left in central Mediterranean, where so far this year have drowned 784 migrants, according to recount United Nations agency for Refugees. On Friday it became first of m to set sail for tracking and rescue zone in front of Libya since inauguration of new Italian government, openly anti-immigrant.

By Saturday morning, SOS Mediterránée rescue team had saved from drowning 229 migrants who were in two paters, one of which broke. At 40 y had to get m out of water. The remaining 400 were transferred to Aquarius from Italian military boats after being rescued by mselves or by merchant ships that ran into m.


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