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UCO documents a secret pact to 19 million the greatest work of the ' Acuamed case '

A Civil Guard report details the "close collaboration" between executives of the public company and Acciona to increase the overcosts of the Torrevieja desalination

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UCO documents a secret pact to 19 million the greatest work of the ' Acuamed case '

With instruction of case Acuamed in final stretch, Guardia Civil has put focus on one of major hydraulic works investigated in this alleged millionaire fraud in public procurement: desalination of Torrevieja, in Alicante. The Central Operational Unit (UCO) details in its last report, dated 10 October last, "close collaboration of Acuamed con Acciona" to try to make second one obtain about 19 million euros extra for work, planned in 2007 as largest Desalination of Europe.

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"Acciona and Acuamed would have a pact by which IDAM Torrevieja UTE would present a liquidation and a claim for excesses of measurement and overcosts in which it would have incurred during execution of work," says report, to which country had access. The treatment between top positions of both entities seems to be UCO "more than an objective and aseptic relationship between two companies that maintain a contract, an arbitrary and interested relationship whose objective would be to reach a fixed and previously agreed goal." Pablo Martín Mira, head of Acuamed in Valencia, would have failed, according to report, "objectivity, impartiality and confidentiality that must govern in management of a public entity."

Acciona is one of seven companies (toger with FCC, Abengoa, Sogeosa, Torrescámara, Altec and Altyum) pointed out in Acuamed case. One of largest contracts investigated is precisely Torrevieja desalination, which was awarded in 2007 for 185.3 million euros to a UTE led by Acciona. The work was extended seven times until it was officially finalized in 2014. Acciona declined to comment on contents of report.

The joint venture began planning claim of surcharges a few months earlier, with work almost finished, according to UCO report. Acciona and Acuamed "would have a pact" by which UTE was to present a liquidation and a claim for excesses of measurement and overcosts in those incurred during execution of work. I expected to get 19 million euros extra, ie an increase of 9.2%.

The emails and messages of Whatsapp intervened by order of judge show how during months UTE is changing its valuation proposals, with fluctuations in quantities of various items. The largest increments, indicate agents that produce report, are produced "in items whose verification is complex or impossible", such as underwater work (brine dumping) or movement of land.

The UCO makes a detailed and very technical account of all steps it gives to try to get highest amount possible. The report collects or valuations that were made of work, much lower than one that was intended to obtain Acciona. The final certification of Work Management Assistance (ADO) valued work in 181.8 million euros, ie ligereramente below budget of work. The director of work, David Soriano, also valued work and aimed at an excess of 0.9% of project, far from 9.2% he wanted to obtain Acciona.

"Gabriela Mañueco commissioned Pablo Martín to carry out settlement and claim reports in such a way that contractor would obtain an additional 8.5% on fixed budget," report says. Mañueco was director of Engineering and construction of company until her arrest as alleged number 2 of plot. Pablo Martín obeyed instructions, according to UCO, with help of managers of Acciona.

Finally, in December 2014 claim arrived at board of Directors of Acuamed (in which three ministries are seated: finance, agriculture and presidency), which agreed to grant a liquidation for an additional amount of 10.6 million euros, assures Report. On or hand, claim of surcharges was finally 17.5 million euros. According to Ministry of Agriculture, this claim has not been paid.

The UCO detailed in its report a multitude of examples that demonstrate close relationship between managers of Acuamed and Acciona during negotiations to determine settlement of work. Acciona had access to internal documents, classified as confidential and, according to Guardia Civil, allowed " UTE to be aware of strategies that were being prepared within Acuamed to deal with negotiation". One of those documents that came to Acciona is a preliminary state advocacy report analyzing claim submitted by contractor. "Within Acciona re is a continuous flow of information having all stakeholders a wide knowledge of situation", emphasize agents after analyzing hundreds of emails.

Tickets for Bernabeu and family outlets

The Civil guard details in his latest report how alleged leader of plot, president of Acuamed, Arcadio Mateo, used his influences with public works contractors to get up to 22 tickets for Real Madrid matches in Bernabeu, some of Champions, with which he n agasajaba or people. The UCO documents, through messages of Whatsapp and e-mails intervened, how Mateo asked for tickets for stadium box to responsible for a public work that was underway at that time, Torrevieja desalination, awarded to a UTE led by Acciona.

The person who gets tickets is Justo Vicente Pelegrini, manager of Acciona Infraestructuras, who was arrested in January 2016 at beginning of operation Frontino and remains imputed. UCO dedicates to this type of relationship a complete section of its report, entitled "Gifts and personal favors".

UCO also documents in report delivered to judge of national Audiencia Manuel García-Castellón How high Acuamed officials asked for favors to place relatives. In particular, this report relates that Pablo Martín, head of project of Acuamed in Valencia, asked different managers of Acciona to plug ir bror-in-law in one of ir desalination, Jávea or Torrevieja. In one of emails spoken literally reads: "This is my bror-in-law's CV to plug it if you can." They finally put him in Torrevieja. One of directors, Javier Delgado, even worries about looking for a floor to Pablo Martín's bror-in-law, as police report notes.


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