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Vetoes hinder a constitutionalist government

Without absolute majority, the Union bloc would have a lot of trouble getting a deal

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Vetoes hinder a constitutionalist government

The fragmentation of independence bloc, less than one month after elections, does not represent a relief for Constitutionalist group, since re is no unity of action between citizens, PSC and PP. This would be order of greater to lesser citizen support, according to surveys. Moreover, if y do not get toger absolute majority would not even have option to discuss, since Catalunya in Comú-Podem, party of Ada Colau, would never make President Inés Arrimadas, candidate of citizens, whose party Metroscopia places at head of Constitutionalists and very close to ERC, winning party, according to all Demoscópicos studies.

The present reality is that of cross vetoes between four formations that are not declared independentists (citizens, PSC, PP and Catalunya in Comú). The commons are more direct than PSC by rejecting a government chaired by Arrimadas, as latter invoke "transversality" but always with socialist Miquel Iceta as president. The insistent questioning of citizens to PSC to say wher it will support Arrimadas, answer is that best thing for Catalonia is via Iceta, toger with assertion that PSC will be ahead of citizens, a situation that does not foresee any survey by now. Iceta as president with a non-partisan solitary government supported parliamentaryly by or unionists, this is ir campaign strategy.

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None of eight surveys published in November has given Constitutionalist bloc absolute majority, which in Catalan parliament is in 68 seats, although five of m do point to possibility that unionists can snatch government from Secessionists, provided that Ada Colau party was inclined for first choice.

Far Agreement

With so few possibilities of agreement, not to add if it is not with Commons, PSOE and PP take into account national electoral side that y will have to face in medium term in a general elections. Neir have intention to contribute to aggrandizement of citizens, as y recognize in two majority parties in Congress. "Everything that happens in Catalonia generates expectations in rest of Spain." If citizens were to achieve a presidency, it would go to category of government party and that gives it or expectations at national level, ' points out socialist sources.

Since PP remember that for weeks relationship with citizens has become notoriously tarnished and reproaches for ir "political opportunism" are constant from popular leaders to citizens. The PP will seek citizens to "complete" a majority of national government, and in or communities, but does not want to see it as equal, which is what aspires citizens nourished by votes of socialist and popular fishing grounds. The operation Iceta is not oretically wrongly seen by PP, but in practice almost discard it at all. The popular ones do not want enhancement of citizens but y could not argue that y give ir support to Iceta if electoral result places Arrimadas at a considerable distance from Socialist candidate.

If polls are confirmed and Constitutionalist bloc does not add up on its own, PSOE frees itself from responsibility to block a hypotical government led by Arrimadas because its vote would not be decisive, y ensure in socialist dome. "The question is: if you have to decant we can, will you support Arrimadas?" If key has it we can, citizens have nothing to do, argue in Ferraz, where it is argued that a citizen-led government is not a solution for Catalonia. "He won't recompose any fractures."

Only an absolute majority of three parties would force PSC and PP not to hesitate to give support to citizens. "We will not support Arrimadas, but n we have to see how decisive our position is," y acknowledge in PSOE. In PP emphasize that today first game is ERC and observe with concern upward trend of Junts per Catalonia, headed by Carles Puigdemont. The popular ones of Xavier Garcia Albiol trust that ir result is not as bad as polls that fall to six deputies. In its oretical scenarios repetition of elections is highlighted in impossibility of agreements between blocks.


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