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We can keep your name in the 2019 elections, except for exceptions like the town councils of change

The pretension of churches is to concur with IU and Equo although it recognizes that it may not be possible in some territories

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We can keep your name in the 2019 elections, except for exceptions like the town councils of change
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  • Iglesias believes that we can be distanced from " popular classes"
  • We can prioritize social agenda and relegate Catalan crisis in coming months

We can not give up your name in municipal, regional and European elections of 2019. There may be certain exceptions, which would be concentrated in so-called town halls of change. Pablo Iglesias has been blunt about presence of his party in electoral marks of coalitions in which he will concur. His intention is to do it with IU and Equo and in Catalonia with Catalunya in Comú. "We can be main signifier of change and name of we can be visible in all electoral processes in which we present ourselves (...) We have to be in next elections, municipal, autonomous, European, with our name ", has sentenced in State Citizen Council, main organ between assemblies of can. Ultimately it will be basis of which we can vote name with which y will be presented, as approved a year ago in Vistalegre II.

In face of general rule, we can shuffle that re may be special cases in which brand is already implanted and it may be detrimental to change it, as is case now Madrid, which governs city of Madrid. "I understand that re may be some exceptions, especially in municipalities where Governments have consolidated change in which we participate, but general rule is that people can vote to we can in next election without prejudice that we We present with or political forces that in ir different fields must have visibility that corresponds to m, "observed secretary general of We can

In full conversations with IU to agree on small letter of coalition y intend to keep in next year's elections, from state direction we can as IU agree that negotiations progress well. However, it is also envisaged that re are territories where confluence will not be possible. As in Asturias, where it seems impossible today. "We must bet on confluence with sister political forces and all those subjects who can add to project of historical block of change," urged churches. "We must go with m to European, regional and municipal elections. I know that re are territories where meetings with or organizations are more difficult, but our will must always be to join forces from diversity, "he has recognized however leader of we can.


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