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With rookie inmates and little conflict, for safety

ANC and Òmnium leaders have been interned in areas other than those occupied by the celebrities of Soto del Real

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With rookie inmates and little conflict, for safety

On Monday night was moved in Madrid prison of Soto del Real, where re are famous prisoners such as former president of Madrid Ignacio Gonzalez, businessman Jordi Pujol Ferrusola, old leader of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell and president Of patronal, Gerardo Díaz Ferrán. At that hour a number of new inmates arrived uncommon: 11. Among m, presidents of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, whose imprisonment had been ordered hours before by judge of national audience Carmen Lamea.

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With incorporation of so many prisoners were filled all cells that were empty of income module — area of prison where y spend first hours or days inmates recently arrived — so Sànchez and Cuixart were accommodated toger in Same. On arrival, after midnight, officials offered both a sandwich and a piece of fruit, in case y had not been given dinner at national hearing. They also provided m with cleaning supplies, bedding for ir first nights in between bars and a booklet of 36 pages edited by penitentiary institutions explaining rules and schedules that govern day to day of prison. The Doctor also practiced a first scan.

Yesterday, both y and or nine new interns received visit of social worker and psychologist of Penitentiary center to evaluate ir status and to allocate m to an ordinary life module. After this study, direction of prison of Soto del Real decided that presidents of ANC and Òmnium were detained in two modules little conflict, number 1 and 4, as confirmed to country in Ministry of Interior.

Penitentiary sources recognize that decision has weighed existing concern for physical integrity of two Catalan independence leaders. "With m and any prisoner, one of priorities is to avoid aggression on part of or inmates," y point out se same sources. The possibilities for this were several, from confine in prison infirmary to sending m to so-called module of respect, where re are only prisoners who meet letter strict guidelines of conduct.

Finally, one of secessionist leaders — sources consulted have declined to specify which — will go to Module 1, in which re are primary prisoners (which is first time y enter prison) or over 45 years. The second will go to number 4, in which y remain inmates classified in second grade penitentiary and who have committed all kinds of crimes. However, it is a zone rated "stable" as it does not record incidents. This is module in which Luis Bárcenas was detained.

With this decision, Interior prevents both Sànchez and Cuixart to coincide with any of or famous prisoners of Soto del Real. Jordi Pujol Ferrusola is in Module 8, while Ignacio González, Rosell and Díaz Ferran occupy cells at number 10, along with interns who conduct university studies at a distance while serving sentences.

What is now dismissed is that y change prison. Nor to a nearby Catalonia, where both have ir domicile, or anor within community of Madrid. Fuentes of Department of Juan Ignacio Zoido discarded both ends this Tuesday. Judge Carmen Lamea-Following widespread custom of having remanded prisoners in prisons close to judiciary where cause against m is instructed-has not yet raised this possibility.


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