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Woods & #x3a; "Only in Italy the Togas pass from talk shows to the" classrooms

The Vice-President of the CSM: "There are no rules that arginine the phenomenon leading from the first pages of newspapers to prominent roles". On Careers ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 08:33 - 31 reads.

Woods & #x3a;
Rome -"In no European country is allowed to pass with much ease from talk shows or from first pages of newspapers to investigating and judging functions, until presidency of colleges of Merit or cassation," said Vice-president of CSM, Giovanni Woods, at Congress of Criminal. The woods did not make direct references to bhing Daftari, emphasizing that "re are no rules to curb this phenomenon". " Solving this problem-he explained-it is a duty that is incumbent on all protagonists who keep respect, sacrosanct, of independence of judiciary that even citizens must perceive. There is no question of freedom of expression, but-clarified Vice-President of CSM-re is a need to recover a sense of responsibility and a balanced exercise of functions. " It was n expressed on anti-mafia code, hoping that "it can be interpreted and applied in such a way that preventive measures are taken in accordance with fundamental rights and guarantees of each". As regards division of careers of judges and PM, vice-President of CSM reiterated to respect initiative of Union of Criminal chambers, which is collecting signatures to request separation of careers of magistrates. A move, according to Woods, not necessary: "In ten years of implementation of reform in judiciary principle of distinction of functions has gone gradually consolidating and professional paths of judges and PM are always going More distinguishing. Your Association-has n emphasized-is leading a very strong battle, striving to shy away from an ideological approach. "I don't know how it will end, but I know it's a divisional me."


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