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IgNobel 2017, "Am I or my sister?". The parody of the Nobel prize to an Italian research

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IgNobel 2017, "Am I or my sister?". The parody of the Nobel prize to an Italian research
ROME - I Am one or is my sister? Is a question that può smile, and toò è at same time so serious that those who l'has investigated in accordance with rules of science, has deserved award of più coveted by scientists equipped with self-irony. Cioè, a parody of Nobel prize, l'IgNobel. Moment of pride patriotism: it is a research conducted in Italy, researchers of Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome, and dell'Università La Sapienza, under supervision of Salvatore Aglioti, who have worked toger on national Registry of twins of 'Istituto superiore di sanità, directed by Antonia Stazi. All of researchers awarded said y were very happy, indeed thrilled. And two più young, Ilaria Bufalari and Matteo Martini, y all ran to pick it up at a ceremony at base of paper airplanes that you è held last night at'Università Harvard in Boston, at end of which y retired to a lavish allowance by ten trillion zimbabwean dollars, equivalent of about three dollars. "Not only don't expected, " tell us about a moment before ceremony, "but lì lì we feared that it was a joke!". IgNobel 2017, from bat to vampire to ears of elders: prizes are crazy science scientists tell of having received two e-mails with news of 'assignment: a part of 'organisation'Ig Nobel prize, which from twenty-seven-year awards for research più funny of world, and an Italian researcher who vowed on aunticityà of previous. " andÈ was nice to: c'was già a prize IgNobel in Rome, always for psychology, and now it was our turn".  question arises as to whyé is happy a parody of award, however, delivered from hands mocking of three Nobel laureates, true, "Well, dà a lot of visibilityà in search" meets Martini. "And n" add Bufalari, " prize is not poking fun at science, but promotes diffusion. No one is discredited by an Ig Nobel: c'è even those who autocandida!". All search award-winning are in fact research true, published in scientific journals true, including dynamics of fluid called "cat", with photos of cat that curls into sink, filling it all as if it were liquid (Ig Nobel prize for physics), conducted at Scuola Normale Superiore, Lyon. Or one that is requested becauseé older people have large ears (Ig) Nobel per l's anatomy), published in 1995 in British Medical Journal. "And n c'è also been those who, after l'IgNobel has won Nobel prize " underline Martini and Bufalari. Andrey Gejm, Nobel prize for physics in 2010 for discovering graphene, ten years before, he had conquered l'Ig Nobel prize by flying a frog, and y were serious studies on levitation diamagnetic.  search of Martini, Bufalari and colleagues is a serious search. Published in journal PlosOne in 2015, has investigated meaning of sé of monozygotic twins, those that have a double identical, showing how se have a certain difficultyà to distinguish ir own face from that of his bror. Follow-up strategies recognition of one's own body, and is based on'use of different senses (touch, for example), which will now be subject of furr studies. Chissà that does not bear a Nobel true.


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