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It is not a copy, that is the real Warhol in Barcelona

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It is not a copy, that is the real Warhol in Barcelona

Caixaforum follow trajectory of artist's pop played through 352 original part

The american artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987) visited Spain in January of 1983. He came to inaugurate exhibition that gallery owner in madrid Fernando Vijande I dedicated to it and spend nine days in Spanish capital. During this period, modernity rubbed shoulders with pop artist most famous of all time in a few days in which it was demonstrated that Warhol did not know very well what it was to Spain. However, exhibition was a success, at least in public, because despite fact that it sold few works of gallery was filled with people, upon payment of 100 pesetas, eager to see artist and that y sign an autograph. It's been more than 30 years, but interest in this artist's controversial and irreverent, in addition to a savvy entrepreneur himself, he has not ceased to grow.

His works are played ad nauseum in objects as varied as posters, t-shirts and mugs that are sold all over world and have become, Warhol is one of artists more accessible re. The possibility of seeing originals of se works that Warhol created and that are printed on retina of all and appreciate ir process of creation, constitute main attractions are some of objectives of exhibition Andy Warhol. The mechanical art, which opens its doors this Thursday at Caixaforum in Barcelona and n travel to Madrid and Malaga.

The majority of 352 pieces of this exhibition-conceived as a retrospective organized by Catalan centre and Picasso Museum of Malaga, and commissary, director of this museum, andalusian José Lebrero, y talk about repetitive nature and skillful in visual work of of Pittsburgh. A few principles that deny, in last instance, values of originality that is asked of a work of art. “Warhol changed established order that had, until now, in that sense, because he wanted to become a hollow between abstract expressionists of 50's such as Pollock, Rothko or Newman. And to that found in consumption a way of alleviating vacuum,” he explained Lebrero. One of values of sample to highlight “ innovative way in which Warhol applied idea of process its multifaceted work serial and talent to combine so transversal to different techniques, media and repertoires iconographic", he said.

In effect. Neir one nor two, nor three. Up to ten pictures colorful Marilyn Monroe on a subway next to preside over one of rooms of exhibit. It is one of series most well-known and that most are associated with artist along with that was a simple can of soup. Also are example of how Warhol had virtue of something that was born in underground world at beginning of second half of TWENTIETH century in New York has ended become element of mass consumption world. “Warhol was in addition to artist a good entrepreneur,” explains Lebrero during tour of exhibition that can be seen a series of large, medium and small format, to make m accessible to all.

self-Portrait of Warhol, which is ewxhibe in Barcelona. Albert Garcia, THE COUNTRY

The works are varied as fields touched by Warhol: sculptures, drawings, posters, books, movies, album covers, magazines such as Interview, or facilities, as Silver Clouds, some clouds silver floating weightless made with materials used by NASA or one which shows work done in Silver Factory called Exploding Plastic Inevitable involved The Velvet Underground and Nico, and it became an explosion of conceptual sound and movement. The works have traveled from 30 centers and collectors, above all museum of artist of his hometown, which brings toger largest collection of works of art and materials of this artist, but also MoMA in New York, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris or Tate in London.

so extensive and well known work of Warhol, it is not easy to summarize it. The approach of Lebrero is chronological and covers all stages of artist, from first drawings and graphic works of Andrew Warhola, embryo of Andy Warhol, in decade of fifties, in which he drew in with his mor, or undertook first printing jobs for magazines, passing by many of ir creations are iconic in that estetizó products or attitudes and everyday consumption devoid of any glamour. It is case of Three Coke Bottles, 1962, in which he repeats packaging of Coca-Cola, " drink is more democratic because y use kings, prime ministers and vagrants alike," said artist. Also series Campbell's Soup, 1968, in which he repeats se already famous packaging with only difference of main ingredient printed: meat, tomato, vegetables, pickles or onion. In Before and After, 1961, brings to canvas before and after of a profile gone through cosmetic surgery, something intimate, n and now.

The same thing that makes art simple objects such as cans, bananas, or heads of cow, lift to characters of politics, cinema or society to icons of pop: he did it with Marilyn, but also with Jackye Kennedy, Liz Taylor, or chinese president Mao, (which you can see a huge work owned by collector Spanish Josep Suñol), tuneó of colors and serió.

But exhibition shows artist that with his works to protest against violence and death penalty. What makes with your series of skulls, guns and electric chairs. As huge Big Electric Chair, that in spite of artistic hides an allegation against a practice that is still performed in united States. Warhol began to paint se chairs in 1963, same year in which it conducted two performances in New York, which caused numerous protests of collective humanitarian.

The exhibition closes with images made by great photographers from all over world such as Philippe Halsman, Duane Michals, Robert Mapplethorpe or Alberto Schommer in which Warhol appears as object of character in which ended up converted. The latter work is an enormous self-portrait of 1986, one year before his death, in which artist appears with a wig. For Lebrero great effectiveness of Warhol "is to have survived to present day as a great influencer of contemporary art. To many, wher y like it or not, continue work of Warhol" rivets.


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