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Jennifer Lopez: “television is a very competitive world,”

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Jennifer Lopez: “television is a very competitive world,”

The actress and singer is star and executive producer of series ‘Shades of Blue’

Jennifer Lopez (New York, 1969) appears in a room of Kaufman Astoria studios in New York neighborhood of Queens, surrounded by an entourage of about 15 people. The new york-based origins puerto rican is star of Shades of Blue, a police drama whose second season premieres tonight (22.00) channel Calle 13. A break during recording of series is dedicated to cater to international press present at shooting, that THE COUNTRY went invited by Calle 13. In room where are journalists, recorders have been for a while working: responsible of press have warned that, once that JLo in room, no one can be raised from its seat or to place recorder.

The time Jennifer Lopez is golden. The filming of first season of Shades of Blue as she combined with her role as a jury member on American Idol. Then came ir show fixed in Las Vegas, recording his new album in Spanish and to practice as a judge and producer of program of dance World of Dance. To all this adds a furr string of tv projects: give life to drug trafficker, colombian Griselda Blanco in an HBO film, will be executive producer of a drama, legal and a series of futuristic and, in 2018, will star in live musical NBC's " Bye Bye Birdie Live! While, Shades of Blue has already been renewed for a third installment. How do I hold this pace? "I started dancing when I was very young, 9 or 10 years, and I think that has helped me a lot, it made me very disciplined and focused to work hard. I have a lot of energy trying to grow and be better each and every time, to do more things. I have a passion for what I do, passion is what makes you go forward when you're tired," he says.

Go to interview dressed, coiffed and made up as Harlee Saints, your character in Shades of Blue, a police officer willing to bypass rules to try to ensure future of her daughter but who, after being discovered by FBI accepting a bribe, is forced to help unmask ir own peers. "In first place, it is a mor who wants to protect his daughter, and n it is a police force loyal to his people and to things that you think are good, although occasionally jump line of what is good and what is evil," defends actress. The mor of two children, fruit of her relationship with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez looks very identified with Harlee on that role. "Obviously, I have never been a policeman nor have I killed people", he jokes, recalling or sides of his character. "But core of what is Harlee is a dedicated mor, and yes, I understand, that love, that commitment, to understand that he would do anything for my children. Also would defend my people, I am a very loyal".

in Addition, is executive producer of series, which makes it to be listened to with attention by ir peers. "When you have experience in what you're doing, you do not have to reafirmarte in your power a lot because people respect what you have to say, and that is how he is still here. Know that I'm not going to leave lying around, and that's what you say with your work ethic and what you demonstrate in work. That makes people respects you and from re it is easy to work with."

Your busy work agenda did it take almost three years to accept star in a series that Lopez had already sold to NBC repeatedly but that chain did not want to move ahead without her to front of cast. "The television has a schedule very demanding, and I do many different things, and I could not see him at that time of my life", he recalls. Now is proud of a series with which, he says, chain is closer to type of programs that produces cable television for its commitment to issues darker, and treatment of sex or violence. "It is great to be able to make a series so right now tv is so bright and is so well-made. It is a very competitive world, re are series great out re."

in Addition to police officers, ir families and criminals who populate this series, anor character more Shades of Blue ' is New York, hometown of Lopez. The shooting of fiction is moved many times to street, moments that are animated by large groups of followers of actress and singer. "Any part that we ended up surrounded by fans. Sometimes I hate it because I can't be with m, sign autographs and get photos, because créetelo, it is literally like being at a concert. In first season that was fatal because he could not go to greet m. They are part of me, and I love my fans, but if y did we could not move forward with series, re are so many pages to record each day that you can't take breaks. I love New York, is a character, is a part of us. It is important that we record here."

Singer, dancer, actress, producer... is re Anything else left to do to Jennifer Lopez? "In reality, I just try to live each day, to finish day, go home and make tacos with my children. To live from day to day and enjoy every minute of it. I am not type of person who plans far future, so you are more focused in what you do", he shoots.

“a tireless Worker”

The companions of Jennifer Lopez only have good words for her. Ray Liotta describes it as "a tireless worker". The actor of One of our plays in series head of unit in which you are working Harlee Saints. "And as Jennifer is best known for romantic comedies, what y wanted was someone who would not have problems with killing people, and that was me," laughs Liotta to remember how she came to Shades of Blue.

Vincent Laresca, agent Carlos Sword in series, had already worked on a couple of movies with Jennifer Lopez, "and I knew that, at end, is an artist, so when she dances, sings, acts... is an artist and always seeks to achieve best possible product. The name of Jennifer Lopez is not linked with a mediocre product". Drea de Matteo, actress of series such as The Sopranos or Sons of anarchy, he did not know his fellow cast. "I think that Jen is undervalued. It is an unbelievable actress. This series has come at perfect time in your life, because no one knew I had this facet. I learn so much watching it... Every time I feel too tired to do something, I think oh Jen would you! It can do everything and never gives up, is a lion".


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