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Rajoy agrees to open the dialogue on the constitutional reform after the 1-Or

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Rajoy agrees to open the dialogue on the constitutional reform after the 1-Or

Rivera proposed to commission a group of legal scholars and experts development of a proposal

we Can ask for appearance pressing Rajoy to discuss Catalonia

president of The Government has responded with a yes to proposal of president of Citizens Albert Rivera, open a dialogue about possibility of reform of Constitution based on a previous proposal that would require lawyers and experts of prestige, always after y have "won battle" facing challenge of independence 1 October.

In this way, Rajoy avendría to comply with point 122 of agreement of endowment signed between Citizens and PP and that opened door to a new presidency of leading popular [read in PDF covenant with 150 measures agreed PP and Cs].

Rivera has raised his idea in control session of Congress. The leader of Cs has acknowledged that its proposal will need to wait for m to solve problem, secessionist with Catalonia and in addition has been clarified that, in any case, you want a debate about Magna Carta with "occurrences", "nonsense" or "commissions show". Although it has not made express reference to this, Rivera was no doubt referring to demand of Pedro Sánchez de build a nation of nations.

it has urged leader of formation of orange to chairman not to remain in "do nothing" and be paid to give a political solution to a problem that cannot be solved only with courts.

Rajoy has fixed reon a favourable position although it has stressed that it will not support "construction of nothing of new plant". In short, any reform of Magna Carta, shall keep untouched fundamental principles that now provide for and which are stated in its first articles: national sovereignty, indivisibility, and equality among all spaniards.

The president has rejected in addition to reproach of immobility that has been done often by pointing out that this is convenient when you don't know where to go or when you run risk of moving in opposite direction when appropriate.

A moment of intervention of Gabriel Ruffian during your question to vice-president, on referendum in Catalonia. | EFE Rajoy calls on catalans who do not agree to be part of electoral tables

The president of Government, in a brief intervention in halls of Congress, has launched an appeal to citizens of Catalonia have warned that those who cite to be part of a polling should not go to appointment "because re can't be a referendum and it would be an act absolutely illegal".Rajoy has responded to request dialog Puigdemont recalling that already takes a lot of time talking about it, but that dialogue is impossible when one says that it is "non-negotiable" holding of a referendum contrary to Constitution and to liquidate national sovereignty and rule of Law."I would like to see behaviors democratic," he added in reference to violation of rules by members of Bureau of Parliament and government. "This was an act of anti-democratic, a blow to democracy. And in Spain law is fulfilled because orwise it would mean that will of majority of citizens do not serve for nothing".Rajoy has assured that "re is no alternative" to act against those who pretend to be above law. It will do so, he said, office of Prosecutor, Government, judges and security forces.


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