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10 years in Vueltas with Catalonia in the selection

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10 years in Vueltas with Catalonia in the selection

The stockings of Xavi and Puyol opened in June 2007 a period of polemics growing in red parallel to political conflicts

In December 2005 Luis Aragonés and Oleguer Presas, defense n of Barcelona, spoke alone during day of coexistence that Luis rode in Hotel Barajas. Dams, independence, he put on tracksuit of selection, but of that conversation was not born any more call of player. It was a moment, end of 2005, in which Spain and Catalonia outlined statute to be approved half a year later in parliaments of Catalonia and Spain. It was moments when negotiation seemed to find a way out, in which re was communication, in which open confrontation seemed far away. In selection and in policy.

Luis Pergeñaba The team that would change history of Spanish football and did embrace a figure, Xavi, on which right away, however, were going to turn first debates. It was on June 2, 2007, in a match in Latvia, when first controversy similar to one that today has team of Lopetegui in state of maximum tension was ignited. In that night, a photograph became popular-n re was no viral term.

With white suit, all players were seen with stockings, wearing flag of Spain under knee, except Xavi and Puyol. The first debates about feeling of Catalan players arose. Since I am international sub 17 I like to play with socks of a single color. Nothing else. It is an absurd controversy, ' midfielder was defended at time, but ambiguity, calculated or not, of approaches opened a path that has become increasingly inhospitable. And it has done so in parallel with radicalization of conflict at political level.

Prince of Asturias and sleeves trimmed

Coincidentally, Piqué and his way of being came to selection in 2009. A year later, constitutional lands statute and begins process of independence that has resulted in events of se days. At first, controllable. First because triumphs cover almost Everything (world 2010 and Euro 2012).

Also because re are attempts to exhibit harmony beyond football. Xavi and Casillas, Barcelona and Madrid, are image of Prince of Asturias Prize of 2012, received from hands of Today King, also in full anxiety for hurricane Mourinho, which from bench of Madrid shook sport duel, a real metaphor of politician. But bad results came. 2014: World disastrous and Pique in day. 2016: Euro Triste and sleeves cut in Albania. 2017: illegal referendum and insults from Harrow. An uncertain end in both cases.

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