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A majestic Slovenia moves to Spain for the gold

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A majestic Slovenia moves to Spain for the gold

The balkan will play his first final after going through on top of current champion, she stoops in second part as it is not remembered

Until kitchen: An era has ended, by Vicente Salaner

Sublime Doncic, author of 11 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists

Only a child in ir words. In everything else, Luka Doncic is a giant, an appearance of those that sport includes jaw dropped every so often. Will be for memory of your name marked in concerns of Spain, perhaps one that buried this selection that we felt infinite. Last night at Sinan Erdem, Slovenia, so many times frustrated, which saw ir best generations to prostrate mselves before might red, cast out of Sergio Scariolo of end. A defeat that is very hard without respite, that should not be end: on Sunday, bronze would do that was not so much tragedy, and head is left high from Istanbul. [Narration and statistics (72-92)]

Never knew Spain when future came to engullirla, as Pau Gasol never seemed old. Survived ir empire years and years ago, medals that made m seem eternal. There is that bid very high to overthrow it, as last night did slovenes, pure energy and self-love. The hunger personified. Not a doubt while in front were myths. With that child ruler called Doncic, talent of Dragic, power of Prepelic, strength of Vidmar and that 'plus' that has given m nationalization of Anthony Randolph. Left with no answer to legend, crippled Gasol and stone rest of group.

The success, which both have to do with determination (and many times with good luck), was what began to desnivelar balance. It was symptomatic. Bad omen: Slovenia dawned with three triples in a row, with seven of first nine attempts, with 10 of 15 on rest. An outrage. Up to table we went, as Dragic to close first act or Doncic after, filling trusted his backpack.

Pau and a mirage

So it was impossible to compete: Spain missed ir first seven. And, however, I was fulfilling part of plan, drying insights of Dragic and Doncic, ir daggers. Most problems I had with pick and roll and second support, with base of Real Madrid was putting boots (five assists at break). The boy wonder ended up with numbers scandal (11 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists), skimming an epic triple-double.

re Were moments of anxiety (17-29 and 38-47), but struggling second unit, which however is directed by Sergio Rodriguez, best lighthouse of all Europe, offset marker. And Pau, that had threatened to appear. A matte, pure rage, after running across track as if you still had 20 years ago, was a mere appearance of that heavenly state that is almost always predicted good things. But date of birth ever had that though.

With a success unsustainable, Slovenia only dominated by four. Was owner of sensations, flying downwind. Spain was a life. I played recover defense, which is pillar of your basketball. And throw of heroes and experience, to tinker with nerves of opponent when he reached abyss of power to get into final for first time in its history, as well as was going to be.

slow and painful Death

Because back of changing rooms was terrible. Instead of reaction, paralysis. And that Navarro, who physically we are far away from se battles, it had remained in bank of output to not return to play. The impetus was slovenian, demonstrating his courage, his game in race, ir fears buried. Spain, for moments, it seemed old noble who can't keep ir lineage to fresh blood that comes. It was a slow and painful death, with no ideas or ability, destroyed by a cyclone like this Spain did not remember.

One after or, slovenes were opening all waterways of group of Scariolo. It sank ship irreparably and every attempt to raise head, sinking Kokoskov. Was caste of types as Chacho, who did not give up ever, as those children who dream of impossible. But I wasn't able to spread it to rest. The third quarter was a massacre, with triple as stabbing as Randolph, with Doncic making himself master of situation, huge 18 springs, remembering great myths of basketball continental, reencarnándose in very Petrovic.

The selection came to go losing by a world (55-73, min. 29). And since I was not going to return, just a mirage with a triple of San Emeterio (67-83). Not slightest doubt was Slovenia that roars like character of your child Doncic, you can be baptized in Europe with gold.


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