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Alaves: 0 Villarreal: 3

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Alaves: 0 Villarreal: 3

La Liga's also a national football player Enes &Government;nal' d played i n collected Villarreal Alaves'e was a guest.

Ma&ba is a good back □ that party control of game with Villarreal&government;n&Real Madrid in first minute of D&valuable research is reviewed. 33. in minutes, former Bursaspor Bakambu supporting valuable research on stage: Villarreal collected and kt'i &d treatment&internal iren Lake&att Real Madrid collected. M&as a result, Adele's first yar D S D ended with this score.

□ The second half of game, also collected a □ OF □ of rl □ of □ of □ na 52 Villarreal'Bacca'n n d Lake&brought situation with Real Madrid, 2-0. 62. in minutes, once again supporting valuable research to stage: blood Bakambu ma ini n Fi d no D no eken Lake&Real Madrid att entry.

Ma&BA D ka be collected by TA back goals Villarreal Alaves'n I beat 3-0 and 3 points collected became owner.

This is end&back d la n d 6 points of Villarreal'y&result;soaks, Iron att entry to bottom of league with 0 points for Alaves.


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