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Alonso, waiting in Singapore: "Where you go next year, I will return to see win"

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Alonso, waiting in Singapore: "Where you go next year, I will return to see win"

The two Spanish riders await official announcement of " mess so big" that is "cooking" between McLaren, Renault and Toro Rosso

"I Hope it's a positive change", says Carlos Sainz

The paddock of Singapore is still awaiting official announcement of that motion to three bands in which y are directly involved Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz. The spaniard, by step which may allow you to upload new engine McLaren Renault. The spaniard, up ramp to a higher floor that can be change Toro Rosso for Renault. "There is nothing confirmed, but process is underway", said Alonso, is confident that good bye to Honda allows you to recover some of joy lost in Formula 1. [Schedule and program of GP Singapore]

"There are many possibilities of having a 2018 fantastic (...) re is nothing yet confirmed. I'm waiting for my team to take right decisions and n negotiate any possibility that you have here. Where you go next year, my fans are going to go back to see Fernando win," said Alonso before press in Singapore, where he responded by saying "no idea" and smiling a smile when asked about possibility that hypotical agreement between McLaren and Renault to be announced this weekend.

"As I've said many times, whatever my decision what I want is to win, I'm not going to be in any competition struggling to be among top ten. There are lots of options out re and right now I'm studying. The F1 is my priority, so I'm going to wait to decide if I go to anor category," he explained.

In any case, he stressed that he wants to "give time" to McLaren before you decide your personal future. "After problems we have suffered toger se three years, I want you to have time to see what will be car of next year. Once you have made your decision I will take mine. I want to be loyal and not take any decision until y have not taken yours. I'm relaxed and see what happens next few weeks," settled on me.

A 'positive change' for Sainz

Carlos carlos Sainz explained in Singapore that you "can't announce anything" about " mess so big" that it is 'cooking' in future of McLaren, Renault and Toro Rosso, pointing out that you prefer to be "silent, waiting" until y can announce a positive change for your future.

"If marks what y say will be true... I'm not announcing anything. I still don't know what's going to happen, so I have no illusions. The changes are sometimes positive and sometimes not, I hope that this time it will be yes," wanted Sainz to press, refusing to reveal more details about complex agreement that has already advance Bernie Ecclestone.

"I want to ask, and I can't tell, sorry. When re are so many factories and builders involved in a mess as big as re are now, for a pilot, a single individual, come out and say something only thing you can do is to annoy. I'm going to remain silent, in expectation, to see if it announces something, and from re we'll see," settled matter.


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