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American basketball players happy in Turkey

The US players from the Eskişehir Basket club, who are fighting in the Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League, are the American actors Sean Marshall, Earl Rowland and Billy Baron, in Turkey...

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American basketball players happy in Turkey
American basketball players happy AA Basketball news in Turkey date of entry: 12.10.2017 12:22 Diary Leme Date: 12.10.2017 12:24 Taşekinoğlu Basketball Super League in fight against American players Sean Marshall, Earl Rowland and Billy Baron, Türkiy He expressed happiness and satisfaction of being in E.

Two seasons in black and red team wearing Jersey Marshall, AA correspondent, said first targets of this season to stay in league play-offs noted.

Reminding that it has been in Turkey since 2008, Marshall said:

"I love Turkey. Eskisehir is beautiful, full of students and families who support us. People are a great city. I want to stay in Turkey for more than 3-4 years. The Super League expands and grows every year. When I first came to Turkey, only one game was aired on television. Now every week each game is running. Basketball in Turkey is becoming very popular. "

Rowland: "I love being in Turkey and living"

Earl Rowland, who also wore a Banvit jersey in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons, said he was very excited about playing basketball again in Turkey.

This week, old team of away reminded that y would play against Banvit Rowland, "I'm ready to play in this game. I look forward to playing for rival team in front of fan who supported me for two seasons, "he said.

Rowland emphasized that Turkish basketball and league is best in Europe, "Eskişehir Basket is a team with great goals. I love being in Turkey and living. I never thought Eskişehir was such a beautiful city. I was surprised when I started living in this town. "

The BARON: "Turkish people are very good and polite"

The American quarterback Billy Baron, who was transferred from Spain's Ucam Murcia team to Eskişehir Basket at beginning of season, addressed quality of Turkish Basketball League and was formerly played by his bror Jimmy Baron in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. He said he knew Turkey well.

Eskişehir basketball jersey to win every match, Baron said, "I want to play well in matches and stay at play-offs. Then I aim to play semi-finals and live championship. I came to Turkey for first time. Turkish people are very nice and polite. They treat me and my wife very well when I go to restaurant. Everything's going well now. I hope it will go like this. "


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