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Argentina disaster, col for ù FA 0-0 & #x3a; Only a thread of hope is left for the World Cup

Messi and Companions unable to win at home, now they are sixth. Thanks to the internal KO of Colombia against Paraguay could still conquer the playoffs ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 08:33 - 30 reads.

Argentina disaster, col for ù FA 0-0 & #x3a; Only a thread of hope is left for the World Cup
And in end even Bombonera knows silence. In fact, for a few minutes despair. Argentina does not beat Peru (0-0), it is sixth in South American group at one turn from end. Practically out of race to Russian world, official stamp would put Chile at home in 90 minutes final against qualified Brazil. Messi, at first absolute in House of Boca, comes out at a low head, after more than 90 minutes between Peruvian Mastiffs and assists failed by companions. The rescue with Seleccion to remedy finals lost in past years is destined to remain such. Mask, limp and weep. The fate that goes to recess, drama is waiting for last episode. There would be no margin even for fifth place that is worth playoff against New Zealand. Argentines without World championships, as if All Blacks deserted Rugby World Cup. But not. As triple whistle came to Bombonera, Paraguay with former romanist Sanabria tipped result in Colombia (1-2), reopening games for Albiceleste, incredibly still owner of his destiny: if he won in Ecuador (in high seas) between A few days would pass at least for playoff for Russia without fixed eye on results from or fields. Especially on Peru-Colombia, two opponents for trip to Russia along with Chile (two places available for direct passage and one for playoffs, Chileans now at 26 points after success on Ecuador, at equal points with Colombians and with one more point of Peruvians and of Argentines). In short, screenplay at Bombonera is written and n revised, it is also magic of South American group for World Cup, which reserves stories between ecstasy and tears. But it remains crisis without solution of continuity of Argentina, now captive of fears, nightmares of lost finals, also in management Sampaoli. With worst attack of group, 16 goals in 17 games. No play, no rhythm. And without companions to height of support Messi, which with Seleccion will give, back, builds, concludes in port less than gusts in Barcelona jersey. Only flea, albeit intermittently, created dangers to ordered and tough Peru, called to race of life to go to World Cup, 35 years after last participation. Benedict, tip of Boca Juniors that Sampaoli prefers to Higuain, with Icardi and Dybala in bench also for exhausted changes, cause injuries, wastes four assistants of 10 of Barcelona a few meters from door. That is, only occasions granted by opponents who interpret race imitating Chileans of double final of America's Cup: Tris in marking on Messi and systematic foul, in turn, when flea evades controls. Therefore, it is not only destiny to separate-for now- Argentines from World Cup, but also little aiming and little, very little quality in middle of field, with Messi forced to play often at 40-50 meters from opponent's door. For now sport tragedy is only postponed: to win in Ecuador, occasion granted by or camps, will serve heart and attributes. tested but ALBICELESTE stent- Sampaoli builds initial eleven to make room for Messi: Dybala in bench next to Icardi, flea takes a step behind central point, Benedict (a ruling with Boca's tunic, 31 centers in 38 official competitions), with Papu Gomez and Maria External , while Biglia parades direction in Paredes. Among Peruvians on or hand re is duo Jefferson Farfan and Pablo Guerrero. In first few minutes re is only Seleccion: Messi and Gomez Exchange position on trocar but Peruvians play tight, two lines from four in a few meters. The first opportunity is for flea, shooting from outside area after a corner kick, with detour of Peruvian defense. Then reemerges vice of team of Sampaoli: Little game, very little quality in middle field and placed obligated to play at least 30 meters more behind Blaugrana knitting habits. For a shot in door, go back to half an hour, with Gomez, from drawn position. But it is Farfan, burning mask on first pole, to separate for a moment from breath Bombonera. At 38 ' The flea jumps two and shoots from outside area, touching pole. And n he puts a chocolate on Benedict's head, which three feet from door puts up his head. With goal of Chilean Vargas to Ecuador at end of first half, Albiceleste, in prey to his anxieties and defects of factory, is sixth, out of world. The Flea is alone, BOMBONERA is silent- In shooting re is rigoi, talent of Zenit, for inconsistent of Mary. For Dybala, bench only. Thirty seconds of play, put center right post after a couple of rimpalli and after putting, again, blessed in solitude in front of goalkeeper. It seems a curse, but Albiceleste salt of laps: At 56 ' is Papu Gomez to center Peruvian goalkeeper Welsh under measure, still assists of Messi. Four minutes later, Gago reappears, home Idol, in field for Argentina after years of absence, out of Banega, never received. Messi will be: Three opponents jumped in a handkerchief of grass, ball to staves at 20 centimeters from door, Rimpallato from Peruvian Maginot line. But Gago is forced to go out, right knee injury, after a few minutes: at 65 ' in Enzo Perez, changes ended for Sampaoli, no Icardi, as well as Dybala. Just over 20 minutes for a goal, all on shoulders of Messi. Who puts Benedict in front of Welsh, goalkeeper of Peru: The Forward del Boca still wastes. Then Messi disappears, while Argentina actually had never existed. Nothing, until final whistle. Until despair of Bombonera, before miracle of Paraguay and last chance for Messi and companions in Ecuador.


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