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Atletico opens the Wanda with the same hymn and the illusion renewed: " Wow, how great!"

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Atletico opens the Wanda with the same hymn and the illusion renewed: " Wow, how great!"

to The enclosure, spectacular on inside, you are missing many things on outside

Torres, Garate and a child of quarry made kick-off of honour

Album: best images of The premiere of Wanda Metropolitan

some of m made eternal day. Shortly after seven in evening, two types that no longer meet 40 was sitting on stairs that give access to main grandstand. "We have come very soon," said one to or while looking at mini beer as children look at swiss chard. The two had hiccups and two cursed queue that you had to use portable toilets, only way to be relieved in vicinity of stadium, so that re was no need to be Sherlock Holmes to know that beer had made m ball. Yes, y, like almost all (minus 68,000) athletic premiered this Saturday Wanda Metropolitan wore a smile. Lived a day for History. Anor thing is that some, that were very soon, y agree well.

The shop of club was one of few exterior things that were already operational in Wanda. It was a premiere shining in front of cameras, less bright behind. Bright, not extremely brilliant. The stadium, once seated in stands, is simply spectacular. The light, marker that gives back to ring of stadium -Ribbon board is called, acoustics, brutal, breadth, immense. The stadium, behind bleachers, is a lot. "If you go to bathroom, get a helmet", he warned a friend to anor, and anor more refunfuñaba because, in gallery-what was formerly The Comb, go - only had an open bar and no food. A tip: for next Saturday, against Sevilla, take sandwich, that is at lunch time. It is not something unexpected since we were warned from club, stadium has a few months to be fully operational, and swollen so he took it. A small, out of hand of his far, all that mattered to him a pepper. "Wow, how great!", he said, and felt important.

Picture of inside of stadium. JAVIER BARBANCHO

Because people, in general, was delighted. It is true that re were moments of overwhelm in metro, that at times access ladders to platform where doors would be a torture or that banner-what a tremendous flag once well put!- stay glued to mast, because re was wind. By way, while inside of field is a wonder, outside is a bit bland. Maybe if you did some graffiti, or you put a wallpaper, it improved something else.

Enrique Cerezo, on subway to estadioEnrique Cherry, on his arrival at Wanda Metropolitan subway. BRAND

Returning to metro. To know reasons, Enrique Cerezo decided to leave Amazon, where she ate with directive of Malaga, to go to station and Park Avenues and, at about 17.00 hours, take metro line 7 until Metropolitan. is On wagon, first chants: "The shield is not touched". Surrounded by his bodyguard and anor member of board of red and white, president was watching around increasing tension. At exit, at huge stairs that give access to new home of Atletico, even confronted with an amateur. To avoid greater evils, he was speeding up to enter store of club, crowded at this hour, and look calm in store, which basically was first thing that had to hand good man.

Outside, life went on. Spent many things. Spent a few inflatables to full performance for children, a bar that, in happy hours (you know, 2x1), ended up without change and almost without barrels, a Dj that came up with "real Madrid not pot is, it is" and some discussions very sympatic about if third kit of team is now green, or blue, or both. There was to be patient on subway, true, but much more is needed in store in first hour of afternoon. is The star of sales was a t-shirt commemorating premiere of Wanda Metropolitan. Donkey (not an insult, is that cart where y hung hangers) that appeared in shop, donkey that it was empty. Yes, as queue to pay was similar to Zoo on a public holiday, many desistían.

Flags rojiblancas in interior of field. JAVIER BARBANCHO

To output, any trash overflowing and flood from metro on rise. At seven doors opened and when re was more than a quarter of an hour stadium was practically full. The songs, as always and, of course, anm also. A hymn that says that y are going to Manzanares, Vicente Calderon stadium. The people were reunited with ir chants, anything to not feel that everything was new, essence of old stadium continued in new. Arrived His Majesty King Felipe VI, dropped skydivers, a classic, and went out Gárate, Torres and Hugo (a guy from quarry) to do kick-off of honor. For that moment, maybe two of stairs already y had ir eyes closed.


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