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Bakambu avoid a lío

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Bakambu avoid a lío

A goal of congolese at bit to enter and tie Astana encarrila triumph of a loose Villarreal

If you really aspire to reach as far as possible in Europa League, Villarreal can not afford parties like its premiere at Astana. Won team of Escriba but he played with fire for many minutes. After early goal of Sansone, whole yellow left to go until draw of kazakhs forced him to scramble. Had to appear Bakambu to take your computer quite a mess.

three minutes had already enjoyed Villarreal of your first arrival of danger, which overturned Eric out at foot of Castillejo, a recipient of a great pass over area of Fornals. And in second got goal. It was on this occasion, Jaume Costa, who hung a ball to back of defence looking for uncheck of Sansone. The Italian won position to Postnikov, monitored, and crossed plain to network recently surpassed first quarter of an hour.

The goal relaxed at Villarreal over account, up to point of allowing Astana flirt with draw. Was launched to look for team Kazakh with Twumasi tucked in almost all. Also what was Barbosa, which took more work than expected before team Stoilov. The goalkeeper argentine showed nervous in some actions, as in a shot of far-Beysebekov cleared loose and was close to finishing in your goal. An action which is facilitated, moreover, by a bad throw of yours. However, he responded well in a couple of shots of Twumasi and, above all, in a header of Murtazayev in small area.

What is true is that I was having more work Barbosa Eric, result of relaxation of dozed off at Villarreal after goal. The occasional skirmishes of Castillejo, any good solo run of Ünal and a lack of Sansone that drifted just right of barrier for loss of grazing crossbar is antojaban little with weak team of kazakhstan on part of a Villarreal to that part which lacked continuity and intensity that he displayed during a good part of duel in front of Betis.

The Astana I am confident in your ability

The issue became more ugly, if possible, after break. Villarreal seemed disoriented and without forces on lawn, to point that Astana was made absolute master of game. With all ir limitations, quite a few, not relented in its efforts to achieve its goal, a tie that ended up falling by its own weight. The team Kazakh is sick and tired of putting balls in area, although with little success in definition. Such insistence found its reward in a corner kick that Logvinenko pitching to network coming from behind.

Villarreal had twenty minutes ahead to avoid a result sonrojante and n appeared Bakambu to save to your computer. Just took five minutes on lawn when congolese enfiló to area and was brought down. He saw No lack of referee but front is remade and continued move to be accomplished with a precise cross shot that beat ahead, Eric.

What could have been a grotesque ended up at a party to which was added return of Cheryshev. The Russian, who was coming in to play more than six months after, took standing ovation of night. First when it came out and, three minutes later, when he pushed to be network a good pass from Rodrigo to kill party and take it off shock body.


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