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Besiktas Gençlerbiri Shock

Super League 8. During the week, the Youth league defeated Besiktas 2-1. The first half of the Gençlerbiri 1-0 has completed ahead. Second half Babel sees red card...

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Besiktas Gençlerbiri Shock
Besiktas Gençlerbiri Shock Introduction Date: 13.10.2017 20:05 updated: 13.10.2017 22:00 Super League 8. During week, Youth league defeated Besiktas 2-1. The first half of Gençlerbiri 1-0 has completed ahead. The second half Babel saw red card and 10 people remained Besiktas. The Gençlerbiri 73. In minute, Aleksandar Scekic took difference from foot to 2. 87. In penalty area of minute, Faule referee Özkahya made penalty whistle. The Cenk, who scored penalty kick, lowered difference. Cenk also determined score. Gençlerbiri 2-1 Besiktas

Genclerbirligi: 2-1 Besiktas

Goller: Vedat Muriqi-16 (Genclerbirligi) Aleksandar Scekic-73 (Gençlerbiri)

Time: 20.00 Stat: 19 Mayisreferee: Halis Özkahyağlerbiri: "Hopf, Ugur, Ndiaye, Ahmet, Palitseitch, Scekic, Zeki, Ahmed Ilhan, Serdar, Khalili, Vedat Muriqi." Besiktas: "Fabri, Caner Erkin, Pepe, Tosic, Gokhan, Atiba, Oğuzhan, Talisca, Lens, Cenk Tosun, Negredo."

minutes from game (first half) 4. In shot, goalkeeper Fabri controlled ball in two moves, shooting out of smart pup's penalty area. 16. Per minute, Ahmet Oğuz shot outside penalty area, smash remained in Ahmet Ilhan. At last moment, Vedat Muriqi, who evaluated gap in defence, brought ball to networks. 1-023 minutes in middle of Caner Erkin, goal of meeting of Lens in penalty area to meet goal of castle, a small margin of left of fortress, Auta. 34. In penalty area of minute, garing of meeting Ahmet Ilhan, hit right cross shot at top Atiba hits horn. 36. Cenk Tosun's fortress in minute revealed to right of Besiktas, while no one can touch, rear pole stood on line, last moment of ball. At moment Oğuz'in penalty area towards intermediate Pasa Lens was late, goalkeeper Hopf took ball out. 45 1. In free kick that Caner uses in minutes, Cenk hit ball by controlling cannon, hitting round defense of oak.


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