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Crotone-Inter 0-2, Skriniar and Perisic have the top solitary Spalletti

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Crotone-Inter 0-2, Skriniar and Perisic have the top solitary Spalletti
CROTONE The skull lucidissimo Luciano Spalletti shines brightly, coming out from lawn of '"broadhall way": è was worst Inter seasonal, but comes out from Crotone with a's anor victory, fourth in a row, signed by Skriniar and Perisic, and that's enough. There are also suffering and luck in this 2-0 to team of Davide Nicola, who remain a point and zero goals scored. For more than a'now nerazzurri are in difficultyà athletics and ideas, Croton, with passing of minutes it takes trust and in recovery goes for three times close to goal, but Handanovic saves with same number of crucial interventions. L'Inter, is not worth win and even draw, but in end he pulls out leaping waves, that serve and goodbye to Crotone.L'Inter goes from 15 degrees to Appiano Gentile at 30, even if it is slightly ventilated, of Croton, and rmal shock is heavy. At least this è l's only explanation that you canò give to describe slowness unbearable manoeuvre for nerazzurri, in addition to a field that does not è exactly lawn of Wembley, with ball flowing to fatigue, with direction entrusted to Borja Valero teamed with Gagliardini and confirmation of De-Joao Mario-Perisic behind Victory, race number 150 with l'Inter, and with new hair platinum blonde. A lot of qualityà oretical, yet miserable is loot in terms of effectiveness in game and opportunities created, becauseé rhythms are slow (Borja Valero misses also diversiappoggi) and Croton has an easy finish with his 4-4-2 of containment by closing bands with hinges Rohden-Sampirisi and Stoian-Pounds, tightening m in center with Barberis attacking Joao Mario and power plants that imprison us Victory, which never gets ball decent but even he is in day, since sbaglierà almost every choice. Ultimately Croton won't risk anything to defend deployed, never, and, indeed, with passing of minutes begins to gain yards by raising pressure on, and exiting from shell.The charge play Tonev to 9', stealing ball to Miranda and concluding right after a reach of almost 50 metres of goal.. L'Inter sees door only to 13' but after intervention vacuum of Ceccherini that free throw left Perisic, central (13'). A few moments after front of timer and conclusion of Budimir from 20 metres &is slow but angolatissima, and Handanovic has to stretch out to deflect a corner.L's unique occasion for nerazzurri fall to 29' and, of course, counter-attack, when Barberis lose a bad ball in halfà field: lightning ball forward Borja Valero-Perisic-Joao Mario, but Portuguese wasting left diagonal from a good position: at side. The time closes with Croton very più in control of game as he made all' beginning, with 'Inter boccheggia and starts again and a left a free-kick to Hammers, on side not very much (42').The bad news, for everyone, is that in second time wind drops and field becomes a furnace, you will see players drink frequently at each interruption of game and più d'one with cramps. But è l'Inter to be in greatest difficultiesà on reversals of front of Crotone, now più aggressive and confident, with Stoian and Rohden rising tone. On three occasions è Handanovic to save on enemies who descend on him: at 6' in low output on right, Tonev, who escapes Miranda, at 18' still on Tonev, launched in network by Barberis, with a'out from'area; to 23' with a handful prodigious on shot sure shot of Rohden, from five metres, on edge of Stoian. L'Inter used Next to Gagliardini (out of game) and Nagatomo for Dalbert (injured), but responds to maximum, with a right central Candreva (25'), also among worst in field, and with initiatives that are confusing, but at least you' of fire and anger in ' last phase of race.Fortune favors bold, and sometimes even angry, così all'sudden arriva l'1-0 Skriniar to 37' with a free-kick from left side of 'area gained by Nagatomo, melee Skriniar before smooth completely shot, but ball is lì and Slovak, in midst of three opponents, able to arrange right shot, a bet low shot that cold Cordaz in its left corner. And it' final judgment that dissolves whole of Crotone and collapse of front of 'injustice of verdict, and also creates some problem in central stand, but football is also this, this only counts how many times ball enters network, calculation of occasions.  In recovery, on break, Perisic signed 2-0 with a low shot ( third goal of season, più three assist) and closes here.Crotone-Inter 0-2 (0-0)CROTONE (4-4-2): Cordaz; Sampirisi, Ajeti (21'st Cabrera), Ceccherini (40'st Tumminello), Martella; Rohden (27'st Pharaohs), Barberis, Mandragora, Stoian; Tonev; Budimir. On bench: Party, Viscovo, Aristoteles, Kragl, Izco, Pavlovic, Trotta, Simic, Crusade. Coach: NicolaINTER (4-2-3-1): Handanovic; D'Ambrosio (40'st Frog), Skriniar, Miranda, Dalbert (19'st Nagatomo); Gagliardini (11'st Vecino), Borja Valero; Candreva, Joao Mario, Perisic; Icardi. On bench: Padelli, Berni, Karamoh, Eder, Vanheusden, Brozovic, Pinamonti. Coach: SpallettiREFEREE: Banti di LivornoNETWORKS: 37'st Skriniar, 47'st PerisicNOTES: afternoon warm and windy, ground in not good conditions.Ammonites: Miranda, Cordaz, Candreva. Corners: 8-5 for Crotone.Recovery: 1'; 7'.


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