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Dear T-shirt, Dybala beats Messi and Neymar

A study carried out by the ticketing agency Ticketgum.com reveals that the Serie a players are wearing medium-to-expensive casacs ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 03:33 - 147 reads.

Dear T-shirt, Dybala beats Messi and Neymar
Rome -The cost of club shirts in soaring as number of goals. A study carried out by ticketing agency Ticketgum.com (taken into account prices fixed for official uniforms of 2017/2018 from first 12 classified of past season respectively in Bundesliga, Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A) reveals that Serie a players are wearing medium-to-top casacs in Europe. To buy a jersey of a team of our tournament a fan is spending an average of 81.6 euros, just a nap behind money invested by a fan of Ligue 1 (81.7 euros). On third step of podium in order of costs re is Bundesliga (77.6 euros on average), n La Liga, with just under 72 euros per tunic. Instead, it takes away less money than or main competitors for sale of Premier League shirts: "Just" 60.9 euros on average. Comparing costs of uniforms of list of tournaments, tunic of Hamsik or of insigne of Naples costs more than 20 euros more than that of Aguero or De Bruyne of Manchester City (Citizens coming opponents of Naples in Champions League). While 10th of Dybala top scorer of a coast almost 90 euros, as 10 of Robben, five euros more than that of Neymar (ten thousand sold only on day of presentation of Brazilian ace at Paris Saint Germain) and about 22 euros more than 9 of Luk Aku, first in Premier League markers. The English tournament refore seems to run downwards, with top teams to make accounts more focused on quantity of T-shirts sold: According to Ticketgum.com, six most important companies-Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal-came to sell in 2016 on average nearly five million specimens apiece. And digging among various data provided by survey emerges that jerseys of Real Madrid and Barcelona are not among most expensive (73 euro) of Europe, while in Spain most expensive is Athletic Bilbao (84.5 euros). Instead least cheap one among top five tournaments belongs to Monaco (95 euros). In any case, investment required by fans for official uniforms is high. And although-especially-in English and German tournaments you see thousands of fans on stands with official club uniform, from survey comes out also dissatisfaction of enthusiasts, with 74% judging excessive prices and 66% of Respondents who wanted to donate or give away official shirt of club of season started recently, without buying for pocket needs. But re is also a not too positive evaluation on management of five leagues on whole merchandising sector: for 58%, European football excellence could offer a better service to its users.


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