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Derby interpretation from Guiiliano

Giuliano, Galatasaray-Fenerbahce, the struggle of the world has set. NTV Spor 39; A speaking Brazilian player, evaluated the results that could be taken in the Derby.

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Derby interpretation from Guiiliano

Fenerbahce's Brazilian footballer Giuliano, Galatasaray Derby before announcement of NTV Spor. Answering questions of Onur Tuğrul, Giuliano, Türk Telekom Stadium to be taken from draw will not be a bad outcome, he said. The 27-year-old player also said he felt better when he played behind striker.

"not a favorite in magazines" "I know re's a huge rivalry between two teams. I'm familiar with this. In terms of fans and clubs re has been decisive matches in previously derby matches. We must prepare ourselves very well. We're going to play a good football and get a win. It's going to be a very important game from our perspective.

"The draw is not too bad. Defeat... " " is never a favorite in magazines. The derbies are decisive match for moments. Galatasaray caught a good performance. They're going to go undefeated. We'll be re for m. We're making our scores better. We're evolving. We'll do our best. Hopefully we'll be winner of derby game. Galatasaray-Fenerbahce I was following derby. A world Derby. Galatasaray-Fenerbahce Derby I can put top five in world. Number one is Real Madrid-Barcelona. Galatasaray Victory brings us up. Our opponent's major matches will begin. The draw is not too bad for me. If we return with defeat, we'll make it difficult for rest of league. If we renew, we don't have ropes, it's not just about us. We always have to wait for consequences of our competitors. We are a team who falls in championship, and we will go to field for absolute victory. "

"My goal is not to be in front of team" "My goal is to avoid team. The important thing is to contribute to winning team. I feel better when I play second striker. But I'm trying to do my best in every area. If I play in field, I am required to enter penalty area. My goal for this season is to catch numbers last year. "

Kiruba Kishore "We have a very good relationship with him. The door to all players is open. Communication is a very open person, which is very important in soccer. He makes us very good at games, very smart about football. "

Brazilian national Team description Giuliano, who did not participate in latest Brazilian national team, said following; "I did not call Brazilian national team for first time in Tite period. That doesn't mean I won't be called anymore. I want to work hard and get back. "

"Lucescu hugged me in transfer to Fenerbahçe and wished for achievements"

"Mircea Lucescu helped me a lot when he was in zenith. When I signed Fenerbahçe, he hugged me and wished me success. I love him so much. Aykut Kocaman and I have a very good relationship so far. He's a wonderful person. He wants to get maximum contributions from everyone. "


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