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Doncic defies time and Pau yields to its magic

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Doncic defies time and Pau yields to its magic

"If, with 18 years playing at this level, it is clear that it will be a star," says power forward of Spurs on base, which averages of 15.1 points and 8.3 rebounds

A majestic Slovenia moves to Spain for gold

An era has ended, by Vincent Salaner

Dressed in white, in that house, where he arrived with 13 years almost without looking up, gone Luka Doncic, leaving indentations of his projection from that era (even more) child. As a Beethoven of baskets, as a michelangelo of basketball. As if Petrovic had been reincarnated. Spoke to legends of a genius that embrujaba rivals, such as statues of salt on track when y observed a phenomenon without equal. Was amazed after world with exhibits of early for Real Madrid, competing with men without complexes in Euroleague. Just lacked a masterpiece like last night to confirm, if it is needed, its size, its voracity competitive. "If, with 18 years playing at this level, it is clear that it is going to be a star of this sport," he blessed him Pau Gasol.

Speak better of him, sensations that numbers, and that we brushed triple-double in an entire semi-final of a Eurobasket. In a dismal place for an entire country, that Rubicon, that had never crossed Slovenia, where basketball is a matter of State, Doncic touched alarm as a veteran of a thousand battles. This is first time that you hang a medal since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

"The match of our lives"

All his timidity before recorder is self-confidence and anger over floor. And determination, just like he had in front of tanning San Emeterio or young Tailor and Juancho Hernangómez. Like he will win three or 20, that ir triple come clean or at table, as if your admired Llull would have given him potion of baskets impossible. "It is a great player. What I know from a long time ago and I congratulate him for his great game. They have been very good," I congratulated Sergio Rodriguez. "Doncic makes me rub eyes", had left said Scariolo in preview.

In mixed zone guy was pure euphoria. There, he embraced it with his far Shasha, who walk commented on this Eurobasket for tv slovenian. He played a European in 2005, always Slovenia failing in hour of truth. The child wanted to dress in or countries (Spain, Serbia...), but always prevailed over patriotic pride. "It is party of our life. What can I say? I still do not think so. Has been sensational. Win to Spain so many points is historic," pronounced hero, which is postulated to 18 years, all of a MVP. And day before, in conversation with this newspaper, warned: "I like to be at controls".

And that confirms what everyone who saw him closely have assumed: that is ultimate candidate for next number one draft in NBA. It will compete with huge promises to americans, but who have never played a professional match. If re had been born, would enter his first year of college, he already knows what that is peeling off in handfuls of duels Euroleague and ACB. He did face last night with Goran Dragic to huge Gasol. Real Madrid have completely assumed that this will be last season of your child to wonder, with more responsibility, yet in se first few months due to injury of Llull.

? Luka Doncic (@luka7doncic) September 14, 2017

"We played with a lot of energy, we stopped well to Spain with our defense and I think that is a pride to talk about my team. We moved ball very well and in end what we have shared enough to launch. We are a team of shooters, is secret of this group", looked at Luka, who averages in tournament of 15.1 points, 8,3 rebounds and 3.8 assists. To start dreaming from now with " gold". "We will climb to highest step of podium. What we will face as a game more, but we will go for all", concluded.

In that moment I was producing a good new for future of bulgaria. Because although Dragic, who never failed -you have a clause in ir contracts NBA to ensure ir presence, had announced that this was his last time with national shirt, yesterday, in full euphoria rectified. "If Kokoskov is still, I, too," he announced, to accompany Doncic in deeds that last night opened to his numerous fans and a rival of so much substance as Spain.


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