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Dursun Uzbek: We complain about the boards

The Association of Clubs was held in Maslak & #8217; After the meeting, Chairman of Club Association Dursun Uzbek, “ we complain about the boards. We're being disciplined for the smallest thing, ” used his statements.

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Dursun Uzbek: We complain about the boards

The monthly annual meeting of Clubs Association Foundation took place. Besiktas and Osmanlispor representatives in meeting held in Maslak Association of clubs did not participate in an alibi. After meeting, President Dursun Uzbek, who summed up agenda, Hakkari Çukurca, a traitor to our 4 soldiers who were killed as a result of attack, wounded 4 soldiers in immediate healing began to say. The national game, which will be played at end of week, speaks Uzbek, " national match must be won. I wish you success by stating that we are waiting for a win on behalf of my friends. Hopefully we will get expected results, "he said. "The club cannot afford to increase Stopajin" Stating that y visited President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, Dursun Uzbek said, "Here are some of issues we have been forwarding to him. We had a sports minister. As our President said, some of studies in Turkish football will be appropriate for association of Clubs. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Youth and Sports have asked us to accelerate contributions of se studies. We have a law on agenda and No. 6222 in this sense, we are starting a study with working Group of Clubs. We'll start it as soon as possible. The president's instructions were forwarded to m as soon as possible. Anor issue is withholding amount. By end of year, re will be an increase of 15 percent. We wanted support by forwarding financial structure of clubs to our President that it is not appropriate. We've been asked to work. We have also mentioned that expenses for amateur sports should be supported. He wanted us to be in a study by combining two. In this sense, a preparation will be presented to President and Minister of sports, "he said. "The penalties given by boards are wrong" "The personalization of punishment came to agenda, adding that events of field closure were spoken. The Tribune or field closing penalties were given, but personalization of penalties in implementation of Passolig was in foreground, "he said. Stating that Turkish Football Federation has complained about boards, Uzbek said, " penalties given by committees have caused dissatisfaction with clubs. We've decided to negotiate with federation. These need to be corrected. Also, we will discuss how video referee will be when application will be, "he explained. Dursun Uzbek added that re is no substance related to foreign limitations on ir agenda. "We don't have power to sanction" The question of how to impose sanctions against penalties of TFF boards, "The Association of Clubs, we have no power of sanctions. We have come to our agenda, but we would like to discuss this with federation in a short time. Gradually growing in size. We're afraid he's triggering or things. We will meet with TFF as soon as possible, "he replied. "not out of control" Since beginning of season, all teams have been referred to Disciplinary board after each match, " subjects we complain about are not just referees. Including arbitration and Disciplinary committees. These should not be left to ir own flow. We have to come toger and find a solution. We appeal to masses. This should not be allowed to climb. We're at beginning of season. We believe y shouldn't be out of control. In this sense we will discuss with federation, "he said. Osmanlıspor and Besiktas are also asked not to take part in meeting Uzbek, "our clubs have alibis. I interviewed m at presidents ' level. They were unable to participate because of trip, but y are behind decisions we will receive, "he said. Uzbek, a question asked about referees, "I expressed subjects we are working with. Besides that, re is no such thing as "he completed his words.


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