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Enrique Cerezo 'design' the dome of the Federation with the son of Villar, which not holds charge

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Enrique Cerezo 'design' the dome of the Federation with the son of Villar, which not holds charge

The president 'athletic' says Gorka Villar in a court: "The Board has to spend 30 [members] to 12, re are to name those who have been at height, rest of The League, to give by ass to it", in reference to Javier Thebes

The Guardia Civil intercepted phones of Gorka Villar, son of former president of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and showed how to put on it, despite not having any working relationship with fief of his far, administrator of de facto. For example, 28 of April of this year, spoke with president of Atletico Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, and between both said how should be new Board of Directors of RFEF once Angel Maria Villar becomes re-elected.

Cherry says Gorka: "Now if y win...all of me this [ elections], what you need to do is that general board that re appoint to appoint, not to put aaaa to world do you know what I mean? And n instead of 30 which is 12... Or those who have been at height of circumstances, and rest that are going to be The League, re to give up ass to it" [it is understood that Javier Tebas, president of The League].

what Gorka answers: "Completely agree with you, but that we've got to convince my far to do that, because I think that it is time that y are well things...".

The researchers from operation Soule interpret that between two of you are trying to put a new policy in RFEF that "punish" presidents wayward with Villar, who supported candidacy of his opponent Jorge Perez to presidency of Federation.

Likewise, Gorka, in a conversation abronca to his far and tells him that between him and two or people are doing a work of cabinet, but once you pass elections, Villar should be mounted in a cabinet with several people and asked to bring all ir affairs, as y do in that time.

"Omelet, ham and whatever"

The UCO, which had pricked phones Gorka, his far and his mor, detected as son of president of RFEF was talking to Beatrice, secretary of his far, as if it were his own, as is reflected in this conversation:

Beatrice: Do you Need something urgent?

Gorka: Yes, bring food

B: It took him that afternoon (unintelligible) east and down room

G: To bring food to residence and n you would require printer to

to print a few things, okay?

B: Okay, but if it is food of residence just tell me already because I'm in residence

G: That will bring ham and tortilla and whatever it is

B: Ok, can I say that it is for president?

G: Yes


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